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The Tale of Two Subwoofers


Pros: Impressive performance on LFE content. Nice finish. Reasonably priced. Solid warranty. Includes free one-way shipping.

Cons: Large for a sealed design. Music capability is good but not exceptional.

It wasn't all that long ago that I never even considered a subwoofer. But I now own two of them (actually three, not sure quite what to do with my old BIC). This is not really a full subjective review. This will be a fairly quick synopsis (quick for me, at least) of my impressions of my newest subwoofer, the PSA XS30, and how it compares to my SVS SB13-Ultra that I auditioned almost four months earlier. Disclaimer #1: What I like in sound fidelity versus what someone else will like can be polar opposites. I can only talk about how these subwoofers performed in my home environment with the equipment I have for various movies and music that I like to showcase. How either of these...
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AVS › dsrussell › Reviews by dsrussell