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Excellent tv, especially given its price.


Pros: A very good picture, good colors, very easy setup, and a pretty good remote. Fits into smaller space than some plasmas.

Cons: Sound is pretty tinny. There is no bass to speak of, even when adjusted to emphasize bass. Heavy compared to an LCD. No wifi.

We bought this to replace our previous 50" DSL when we discovered we had room for a 60" TV in the space we had. This particular model was compact enough to fit our space (some we looked at weren't). We checked online and discovered Best Buy was selling it online for $899 on special so we went down to our local BB and they matched the price. We were up and running within an hour. The setup was quite easy. Our DSL had been hooked up to the cable box via component (it only had one HDMI connection which we used for the BluRay) but this has three so we're pure HDMI now. It needed very little adjustment, looking good right out of the box, but of course I did some adjusting. It was quite...
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AVS › cmcbell › Reviews by cmcbell