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Reviews by: polgara

The amazing ending


Pros: Twists, moral choices, high-level narrative

Cons: some graphic issues, translation sometimes inaccurate, unexpected ending

The final chapter of this great epic space adventure confirms the characteristics of the first two: plot and narrative that allow it to compete with the greats of cinema. The story of Commander Shepard develops into a crescendo in which the twists shape the plot and the characters in a totally customized way. The main adventure has kept me busy for almost twenty hours, not counting all the extra time to meet the challenges of the secondary chapters and to exploring every corner of the universe of the game. There is also a funny multiplayer mode for up to four players. Small problems of dubbing does not affect the game at all, also because of the amazing soundtrack.

Good enough


Pros: multiplayer, excellent graphics, simultaneous cities

Cons: a little hard in the beginning

The aim of the game is the traditional one: play as the mayor of their city by managing all aspects, from the construction of roads to health, from education to industrial development. The key feature of this chapter lies in interactivity of the players and the need to choose in advance the server on which to play and where he cooperate or compete with other users. At one point, in fact, you can interact with other cities to better prepare and share the services, which is essential especially in multiplayer, where the communication between the players will be fundamental for the harmonious development of the entire region. Finally, the music accompanies perfectly every stage of the game.
AVS › polgara › Reviews by polgara