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Best projector for a dedicated movie room, 2.35 screen


Pros: lens memory+++, simple to adjust settings, deep colors

Cons: quirky with Logitech remotes (power off), black bars in 16:9 viewing

JVC DLA-RS45 Review 1) Features— Some of our favorite action movies, Transformers, Casino Royale, Kill Bill, etc. are filmed in 2.35, or wide screen. so when in our movie room, we want to be 'at the movies' and not see the black bars on top and bottom for a typical HD TV. this projector solves that problem while also allowing the viewer to watch regular TV on the screen as well. I've happily sacrificed a slightly smaller picture size for sports center and Two and a Half Men to get a massive viewing screen for Gladiator (and didn't we put in floor speakers and a 12" sub for movies and not commercials". this projector "memorizes" you screen and with a push of a button and 30-45...
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AVS › jmccarei › Reviews by jmccarei