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Huge, but awesome!


Pros: Great sound quality, very loud and distortion free, very clean and clear, can actually hear movie dialog

Cons: Cost, weight, size

Firstly, this thing is a beast! It weighs 70 pounds and has roughly the same dimensions as a large floor standing speaker (on its side). When it was delivered, I thought it must have been a mistake and they sent me another floor standing tower instead of the CC-690, but I was the one who was mistaken. Turns out it was the CC-690, just packaged on its end... Point made, pay attention to dimensions and weight before purchasing. Pictures of the speaker give no reference as to the actual size of this thing and I assumed it was a lot smaller than it turned out to be, which I would have known if I would have payed attention to the size and weight specs and not just the...
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AVS › TheUO › Reviews by TheUO