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Still a great picture


Pros: Vibrant color and deep black

Cons: Heavy

I purchased this in 2006 and had to buy the HDMI module to plug into it. This is a monitor without the ability to connect directly to cable because it doesn't have a tuner. Since I've always had a cable box, I was able to put more money into the picture, rather than paying for a tuner I would never use. Total cost at the time was close to $3,000. That said, people still look at my TV and ask if it's new because the color is so clear and vibrant. I did buy a cd to balance the color, contrast, and sharpness so the conditions are ideal for my room. We have it mounted in a room that is 17 x 14 with many windows. There is nothing better than movies or supporting events. When I replace...
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AVS › mtkeg › Reviews by mtkeg