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Early plasma TV, minor problems, difficult service policy


Pros: Good picture quality in general, priced right on sale in 2008.

Cons: Poor blacks, poor viewing even in dark room

We bought this in March 2008, on sale at Costco. A friend had a larger (50") version of the same set; we liked it, but the 42" was fine for us then. Now, of course, it's pretty dinky-looking, even in our very small (6' x 8') "home theater". It is a very basic TV, plasma or otherwise, by today's standards, with no Internet connection, only 2 HDMI connections, and none of the other modern trappings I'm probably not even aware of. It was the first TV we'd had in 13 years, and was fine for us. Setup was moderately difficult, mostly because of all the options I knew nothing about, and still don't. Even with the 1/2"-thick manual, it's hard to use. The remote and menu system are cumbersome...
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AVS › PhoebeAnn60 › Reviews by PhoebeAnn60