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Great Value


Pros: Packed with features, THX Certified, Versatile, Network Functions/Apps, Android/iOS Apps, Audyssey, Customization

Cons: Its hard to find anything wrong with this receiver at this price point, in my opinion I definitely got more than I paid for.

For the price, I could not be happier with my purchase. Design: Pretty much standard design, nothing fancy, standard run of the mill appearance for an AVR. Volume knob lights up when display is set to bright, I have this feature turned off. Features: Loaded with features, see product description. I only wish it came with a SoundCloud app. Performance In my setup, in my living room, this receiver is great, until approaching within -10db of "reference level". In my opinion, at louder volumes, the sound lacks headroom and warmth. Quality: I have zero complaints about the quality of this product. Value: One of the best, if not the best available AVR at this price point. Overall: I am...
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Stay FAR away from these!


Pros: Cost

Cons: Lacks bottom end. Muddy when pushed hard. Port Noise.

I own 2 of these subs. No bottom end without excessive port noise, actually not much bottom end period. If you are thinking about buying this sub, DONT. Save your money until you can get something better, or buy something different around the same price point. I will be replacing these subs as soon as the wife will let me. Stay far away, no matter how cheap it is. I regret buying these subs, un-listenable at high volume levels, your ears will thank you if you do not buy this sub. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS SUB!
AVS › corekneelius › Reviews by corekneelius