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Reviews by: BirdRider

Good way to kill time and vent frustrations


Pros: Great Graffics, fun theme

Cons: Story line is not all that engaging.

I purchased this game with the knowledge that it would be very similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. Because of this I knew what I was getting myself into. It has all the same enduring qualities as GTA and some additional features that make just as fun if not better than GTA. The graffics on this game are great. They do a really awesome job making the game visually appealing. Some of the landscapes are just amazing. It makes the game really bearable. If the game did not have these qualities it would make it quite hard to play. It would make riding from town to town a blur of pixels that would make you want to turn it off. The game has a good number of little side jobs and micro...
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AVS › BirdRider › Reviews by BirdRider