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Excellent HDTV Recording off OTA Antenna


Pros: Playback is true 1080i HDTV (if original signal was 1080), not SD like on DVDs.

Cons: No closed captioning, period.

NOTE: There is a separate AVS thread that covers this device. It is titled "RCA DPH-1000R HDTV Recorder" It is a mix of Q&A and review comments (some correct, some not) that stretches on 4 long pages on AVS. I don't know where "RCA" came from... it's not on the box or documentation anywhere. Based on almost 6 months use I am very pleased with the Digital Stream DPH-1000R recorder with the 320G hard drive. Setup is straightforward. It works as advertised. If/when the sound fails, go to Setup menu and choose Factory Reset and it will be like new again. Saved programs are NOT deleted by the Reset procedure to fix the sound glitch. However you will have to re-scan available channels...
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AVS › ChemE › Reviews by ChemE