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Reviews by: JCGreaves

Amazing Value


Pros: Quality, price, value

Cons: Large size (not really a con, but can make it difficult to place)

Perfectly matched and balanced with the FS51s (see review here). If Pioneer continues to offer up this kind of value proposition, I will be a life-long customer. Try to get these at Newegg on sale, before they run out of stock. And if they do, the second-generation Andrew Jones line from Pioneer (available at TigerDirect, Best Buy, or from Pioneer direct) are supposedly even better, so they should also be a tremendous bargain.

Amazing value


Pros: Price, value, sound, quality

Cons: A little short for floorstanders

I have the curse of champagne taste on a beer budget. Luckily, these speakers sound amazing and cost less than a generic HTIB. Very good speakers. I am running them with the C21 in a 3.0 setup. Music sounds musical. Movies sound amazing, and dialogue comes through crystal clear. In my small apartment, there is plenty of base without a sub, at least for my taste (and my neighbors' tastes, I suspect).
AVS › JCGreaves › Reviews by JCGreaves