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Great Look, Horrible 3D TV!!


Pros: Great Design & Looks, Good 2D LED TV

Cons: Horrible 3D display

I purchased this TV as a Christmas present for the family, so i didn't mind much the expensive TV since it's a SONY, because all the electronics that I have purchased are Sony, and they are great.. But this TV is really something! The main problem with this 3D LED TV is that you cannot watch 3D with it. The crosstalk is just too strong at the top 1/3rd of the screen that will make watching 3D bluray movies or playing 3D games impossible. I contacted Sony and they replaced the TV with another one and still the same problems. Which means that the problem is not with the TV, it's with the whole KDL46NX720 series. I am attaching 4 pictures: - The first one taken from the right side of the...
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AVS › yussss › Reviews by yussss