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Pros: Amazing High Def LED TV for great price

Cons: Does not have ARC connectivity and sometimes the hdmi's don't read the connection, it is slow to find connection.

Overall, this has been an amazing TV, that was super easy to set up. With 3 HDMI ports and analogue connections this is a pretty user friendly TV that allows for up to date functionality and top quality picture quality. With a Denon AVR 1613 receiver and Energy Classic Take 5.1 speakers the system is top notch. I would put this right up there next to my old McIntosh system that could take the roof off of the house with crisp high's and a deep full bass from the 200watt woofer. Steaming Internet music sources from both the Denon and Blue Ray player provides amazing and unlimited options to complete the experience. After searching for months, looking at a lot of other TV's, this one had the...
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AVS › Sangreal Glow › Reviews by Sangreal Glow