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panasonic tc-l42u5


Pros: Sharp clear picture(when calibrated), plenty of customizable controls

Cons: Would be nice to be able to adjust RGB separate colors

For a low price and movie watching TV, this TV is great. I have it attached to my PS3 so that I can watch movies on it. I use it in a dark room with a 90 lumen light behind it so that I can watch without other lights. To get a great picture out of this TV you definately need to calibrate it either using free tools or purchased. I used DVE HD Basics blueray to calibrate and I get great results for movies. Its not the best I have seen but for the price I am pleased that I can calibrate it to suit my needs. It would be nice if you could adjust separate RGB channels but you can get fairly good colors without it. Here are my calibrated settings for watching movies in the dark(or a small...
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AVS › chilu00000000 › Reviews by chilu00000000