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AVR 320 - An oldie but goodie


Pros: Great build quality and sound

Cons: Outdated by today's standards

I've had this receiver for over 11 years and it's still working perfectly. I purchased it directly from Harman Kardon and have loved using it over the years. Some complain about its lack of power or its inability to handle anything more than 5.1 sound, but I find both arguments invalid. The sound that is produced is rich and has a lot of power behind it. I have never lacked for volume when using this unit. It was advertised as a 5.1 system, so I'm not sure where anyone got the idea it was anything but. Maybe they were misled by a third party seller? I still plan to continue to use this unit, but its lack of HDMI and 3D capability has gotten it demoted from the Media Room to the family...
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AVS › Spartan 1771 › Reviews by Spartan 1771