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A welcome update to one of the pinnacles of shooter history


Pros: Amazing art and design; faithful to the original; updates to sections fit well with flow of game; price (free); incorporates half life 2 physics

Cons: Load times can be a bit on the longer side; game ends before last chapter (in development)

A fitting begining to one of the most iconic scenes of 1st person shooter History "They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamberrrrrr" As Black Mesa begins Gordon Freeman takes his faitful journey down to anomalous materials and..... if you dont know the rest then you're missing out on one of the greatest experiences and indeed staple of the first person shooter genre. Black Mesa is a "mod" of the original Half Life tale that was released in 1998. With a few new tricks up its sleeve Black Mesa tries to update the game for modern machines with improved graphics. However the game isnt a simple port but a welcome update that changes not only the art direction in the game but a...
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AVS › WarrenBerry › Reviews by WarrenBerry