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Reviews by: tzetter

Happy So Far


Pros: Setup, Updating, Network Apps

Cons: Remote, Removable Front Panel Cover, Short on legacy inputs

Replaced my 3 year old POS Onkyo TX-SR707 with this and so far it's working well (1 week of use). Setup was easy, no major glitches. Sirius App works but you must have subscribed to the WEB package that lets you listen via PC or mobile app for it to work. Pandora works fine. Have not tried Spotify or others. They also output to Zone 2 which was important for me for outdoor listening via 4 speakers (connected via external amp). 7.1 setup in my family room. Changing sound field modes can be fussier than it was on the Onkyo and this unit really demands a video interface for full configuration. The display is a little minimalist but again I'm used to Onkyo (owned 4 of them). I use it with...
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AVS › tzetter › Reviews by tzetter