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An Audiophile's Best Friend


Pros: sound projection, awesome design, portability, price, color choices, wireless

Cons: Wireless discovery sometimes tricky

I'm usually rolling around outdoors regardless of weather, and found my Skull Candy RocNation Aviator headphones would prevent hearing my surroundings. Being the audionut that I am, I wanted my jams to still ring audibly, and wanted something ultra-portable yet affordable. After reading several dozen reviews, I gave the BB2 a go. My ears have never felt more rejuvenated. So, I connected the wireless Boombotix Boombot2 to my iPod Touch. Initially, it connected easily; then, I rigged them both to my backpack so I could carry on without holding either of them. From a technical guy's perspective, the intricate detail that went into making the wireless components work anywhere - even...
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AVS › Dave39 › Reviews by Dave39