Yamaha Demoes Alexa Voice Control of Disklavier Enspire Piano at CEDIA 2017

Yamaha MusicCast Disklavier Enspire Reproducing Piano Alexa Demo

At Yamaha’s CEDIA 2017 booth, the company demonstrated a downright indulgent way to play tunes using Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Now, you can make requests of the virtual pianist that exists within the company’s impressive MusicCast-enabled Disklavier Enspire reproducing piano.

It is a maxim that nothing beats a live performance when it comes to audio quality. With the Disklavier Enspire, you don’t have to compromise by listening to a piano performance through a pair of speakers. Instead, you can have the actual piano.

The Disklavier line works with Yamaha’s DisklavierTV, a subscription service that streams live or on-demand, note-for-note piano performances from music events. Not only can the Enspire accurately reproduce live piano performances with the absolute fidelity of a real piano, its built-in music synthesis allows it to generate orchestral accompaniments and stream performances throughout the house using MusicCast.

And now, thanks to Alexa and her “skills” you can enjoy something akin to a sci-fi reality where robotics deliver a unique entertainment experience, as you can see in this video clip:

The combination of the Disklavier, MusicCast, and Alexa makes for quite a nifty parlor trick

Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS Forum for short) and all of its myriad applications was an undeniably dominant theme at CEDIA 2017. This particular application—Alexa plus MusicCast plus the Disklavier Enspire reproducing piano—was my favorite.