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AVSForum.com is the Internet’s leading source of professional, and user contributed, information on Audio Visual equipment for your home. With over 1.2 million members, many of which have built their own home theatres, you will find a combination of both experts and enthusiasts. Our community also includes retailers and brand representatives from companies such as Sony and LG, who join in and participate.

The Editor of AVS Forum is Mark Henninger. Lead administrator Mike Lang has been managing the moderators since the site’s inception in 1999.

Home audiovisual generally includes in-ceiling speakers, flat panel TVs, projectors and projector screens. We also discuss lighting, blinds, ceiling rooms, and noise suppression. Our community members create great content every day, explaining in easy to understand terms, diagrams and write-ups. Our 1.2 million members have posted over 1.4 million great articles about equipment, great movies and videos, best pricing, product reviews, and real life experiences.

AVSForum is owned by VerticalScope Inc., located in Toronto, Canada: 111 Peter St, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V2H1.

AVSForum.com began back in 1999, when home theatre buff David Bott decided to launch a Web-based forum for like-minded aficionados in collaboration with online retailer AV Science, from which the forum’s name was derived. Since then, the membership has grown to nearly 1.2 million, with an average of more than 2.6 million unique monthly visitors who peruse over 25 million posts in more than 1.4 million threads, making AVS Forum the largest AV-enthusiast forum site in the world.

As with many hobbies, AV enthusiasts can be pretty passionate about their perspective, and comments can get a bit rambunctious, so we have a large staff of volunteer moderators who make sure things don’t get out of hand with personal attacks, off-topic rants, and unauthorized promotions.

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