Apple 32″ 6K Pro Display XDR Monitor Unveiled

Apple’s new 6K Pro display XDR is a 32″ monitor that offers a peek at where the performance of LCD displays is headed. If what Apple is bragging about pans out in the real world, this represents the moment when LCD takes the lead from OLED without giving up any performance when it comes to contrast. To be specific, Apple is advertising a 1000 nit full-screen sustained brightness With 1600 nit peaks, along with a million-to-one contrast ratio.

According to Apple, this new monitor renders the entire P3 color gamut and is a true 10-bit display. The company says the increase in contrast is the result of “precise backlight control” and that the design of the Pro Display XDR allows it to “dramatically reduce blooming using advanced LED technology, light shaping, and intelligent image processing.” –

In addition to the incredible contrast performance and the high peak brightness, Apple says that this LCD display has a “Superwide viewing angle” that is achieved using polarizer technology. In Apple’s own terminology, this display has “25X better off axis contrast than a typical LCD.

Apple also highlights the extremely low roof activity of this new screen. A nano texture coating on the glass maintains contrast when the monitor is used in brighter settings, and does not add any haze or sparkle, unlike some other antireflective coatings.  However, this coding will cost an extra $1000 over the $4999 base price.

Notably, this is a 6K monitor—6016 by 3384 pixels (20.4 million pixels). Apple gives it the Retina 6K moniker And notes that it provides a pixel density of 218 PPI.

This is a 576-zone FALD-LCD display. The company notes that “each of the displays 576 LEDs is individually calibrated and has its light profile stored.” Which allows the monitor to then modulate those LEDs with high precision.

An optional “Pro Stand” is available for $999 that allows for height adjustment as well as rotation of the monitor and a VESA mount adapter costs $199.

It will certainly be interesting to see if Apple has achieved a new level of quality for LCD display technology with this monitor.

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