Apple Developing Micro-LED Display Technology in Secret Facility

Apple Watch Micro-LED

Will Apple take the lead when it comes to micro-LED display technology research? An article published by Bloomberg sheds light on the tech giant’s efforts to wean itself from a dependent upon LCD and OLED screens using a secret facility located in California.

The display technology used in Apple current products comes from other companies, for example LG is the source for the Apple Watch display and Samsung provides OLED screen for the iPhone X. But now, according to the report, Apple is working on micro-LED display technology in house for potential use in a future Apple Watch.

Now, while the use of micro-LED In a watch may not be of particular interest to AV enthusiasts, the fact that apple is expending energy on making micro-LED small enough to work in this application should be of great interest.

If the pixels are small enough to work as a watch screen, then it’s reasonable to postulate that to micro LED will work in 4K applications at “regular” TV sizes, as opposed to Samsung’s 146″ (diagonal) The Wall micro-LED display that was unveiled at CES 2018.

The specific advantages of micro-LED are as follows: Extremely wide viewing angles with no color shift or loss in contrast, higher peak brightness and greater resistance to image retention than OLED, and high efficiency.

Will Apple’s secretive work advance the state-of-the-art in micro-LED technology? Since it’s a secret, there’s no way to really know. But, the article states that Apple’s engineers had come close to giving up on the project last year, but that there’s been a turnaround and the technology is now in an “advanced stage,” although a consumer product in the form of an Apple Watch is likely several years away.

Is Apple’s bet on micro-LED the catalyst the technology needs to become the next great solution for emissive displays? As always, stay tuned to the future to find out more.

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