AVS Forum Member Posts from AXPONA 2019

AXPONA is now the largest audio show in the U.S. and growing. With CES no longer drawing the high-end manufacturers, the focus is on Chicago in springtime. This year, there’s a sizeable contingent of AVS Forum members attending, as well as several forum threads dedicated to the show. I will not be there, but instead I’m sharing posts from both the AV enthusiasts and the 2-channel folks.

One of the most unusual things about AXPONA is it includes considerably more home theater-centric rooms than your average high-end show. For example, you’ll find AVS Forum favorites JTR Speakers and Seaton Sound there, as well as a full-court press from bang-for-buck leader Emotiva.

But make no mistake, high-end 2-channel audio is a major focus of AXPONA. The rooms are packed with gear that’s all over the place in terms of price, aesthetics, performance, you name it. And early reports are that the rooms themselves are packed this year, so expect the show to keep growing!

First up, here’s a link to the “Area Home Theaters Meets” section, where @Archea began a popular thread called “AXPONA 2019.” There you can find the list of 24 members confirmed to be attending and read up on what’s found in some of the more exciting spaces at the show. Click here to go to that thead.

2-channel enthusiast and vinyl record collector @Scotth3886 has a thread in 2-channel audio, also called “AXPONA 2019” where he’ll be posting mini-reviews and pics of the rooms he can get into during the course of the show. Click here to be taken to that that thread.

Some quotes from the show:

“Axpona has elevated itself into a Do Not Miss Event (I’ve not missed one in the last several years)” @FOH

“Well worth my time (I flew from Los Angeles)” @Marc Alexander

“Chicago has much more to offer than the best Pizza, hotdogs, Italian beef, Polish sausage and pizza puffs in the world…If you’re hungry for the very best in audio, it has that too” – @corradizo

Current cover image by @Scotth3886

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