The Best Gaming Headsets

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The world of gaming has changed significantly in the past decade, with game developers and studios creating masterpieces that truly demand high-quality audio headsets for the best experience. Whether you’re playing Fortnite, experiencing a truly epic adventure in God of War, or tearing up corners in Forza Horizon, you’ll want a nice gaming headset for the journey. Gaming headsets are also preferred if you often play online with your friends, since you’ll want a built-in mic for voice chat.

There are plenty of options when shopping for a gaming headset, with wired and wireless options for every budget. If you’re having a hard time deciding which headset to go with, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gaming headsets currently available from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the market. When choosing the right headset for you, you’ll want to make sure a specific product is compatible with your platform, whether it’s PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, or even mobile. Some headsets are cross-compatible with multiple gaming platforms, and some even offer Bluetooth that can sync to your phone.

1. Editor’s Pick: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

steelseries arctis pro wireless headset

If you want the convenience of a wireless headset with great sound quality, amazing comfort, and plenty of customization options, look no further than the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. It carries a high price tag compared to many of the other options on the market, but it’s worth every penny. Having personally used this headset for extended gaming sessions, I can highly recommend it despite its premium price.

One of the biggest advantages to the Arctis Pro Wireless is that it comes with a base station that charges the swappable batteries which power the headset. Two batteries are included with the Arctis Pro Wireless, which means you’ll never run into a situation where you’ll have to plug in the headset to charge. Simply keep a battery charging in the dock at all times and you can quickly swap it out when your current battery is running out of juice.

Featuring dual wireless technology to provide 2.4 GHz wireless lossless audio, this headset also offers Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices. That means you can be gaming on your PC or PlayStation 4, while picking up a phone call and communicating right through the headset/mic without having to pick up your phone. It’s an extremely convenient feature that very few other premium headsets offer.

The headset itself is constructed from steel and aluminum, making it lightweight, durable, and providing a very comfortable fit. Premium hi-res speakers with high-density neodymium magnets provide a fantastic audio listening experience, with an expansive frequency range from 10 to 40,000 Hz. Are there better-sounding headsets on the market? Sure, but you won’t be disappointed by the audio the Arctis Pro Wireless provides.

The base station lets you quickly adjust volume, balance your ChatMix, and has an onboard equalizer so you can fine tune your listening experience.

2. Best on a Budget: Corsair HS60

corsair hs60 headset

Not everyone wants to spend the equivalent of a console on a headset, which is why we included a great budget option on our list. The Corsair HS60 is a 7.1 virtual surround gaming headset with USB DAC and is compatible with a variety of gaming platforms. Memory foam and adjustable earcups provide comfort, while a metal construction ensures long-term durability. The headset is powered by precision tuned 50mm neodymium speakers and is equipped with a unidirectional mic that is fully detachable for use on the go. This is a great wired option on a budget.

3. Best for All Gaming Platforms: SteelSeries Arctis 3

steelseries arctis 3 headset

If the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless catches your attention but you’re completely turned off by its price tag, take a look at the SteelSeries Arctis 3. This latest headset from SteelSeries is compatible for all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile) and is a wired option, equipped with the Discord-certified ClearCast microphone. Featuring S1 speaker drivers, you’ll get great audio quality from the Arctis 3, although we’d say the Arctis Wireless Pro provides a better listening experience.

Comfort is just as good however, with the ski goggle suspension band and AirWeave ear cushions. On-ear audio controls make this headset convenient to use and you can even share audio with the built-in share jack. If you game across a variety of platforms and want a solid solution for all of them, this is the gaming headset to get.

4. Best for PS4: Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless

sony playstation gold wireless headset

Only game on a Sony PlayStation 4? You may not want to bother with any of the other brands out there and stick with a headset straight from Sony. Your first instinct might tell you that it’s an overpriced accessory hoping to leverage off the PlayStation brand, but that’s far from the case. In fact, this is arguably the most popular headset among PlayStation 4 owners, especially since Sony offers the Headset Companion App that has sound profiles created exclusively by developers for specific games.

Offering 7.1 virtual surround sound and hidden, noise-cancelling microphones, the headset is extremely comfortable to use even for long gaming sessions. It’s a premium wireless offering without an exorbitant price tag and is also designed with PlayStation VR in mind. The headset can also be used with other systems with the included 3.5mm audio cable.

5. Astro Gaming A50

astro gaming a50

For a while, the Astro A50 was the wireless gaming headset to get. And that might again be the case once the newer version is released later this year. But for now, the older A50s (at least in our opinion) isn’t the top headset in its price class. If you’re comparing them directly to the Arctis Pro Wireless, the A50s may be a bit more comfortable, but the Arctis Pro Wireless edges out the A50s in sound quality—at least for many users. Still, unless you’re comparing them side-to-side you won’t be disappointed with what the Astro A50 has to offer.

The premium wireless headset is available for either PlayStation 4 + PC or Xbox One + PC with 5 GHz wireless technology, Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound, and a flip-to-mute boom mic. While it doesn’t offer swappable batteries like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, charging it is convenient thanks to a base station.

One advantage the Astro A50s do offer compared to the Arctis Pro Wireless is that it’s Mod Kit (sold separately) ready, meaning you can customize the headset with noise-cancelling padded ear cushions and a different headband.

6. Logitech G635/G935

logitech g935 wireless headset

For decades, Logitech has been one of the most reputable brands for PC peripherals and not much has changed in recent years. The company continues to offer high quality gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets, with the G635/G935 being one of the most popular. The two headsets are basically the same offering, with the G635 being a wired option while the G935 goes wireless. Powered by large 50mm Pro-G drivers, this headset offers great sound quality with further customization through Logitech’s software. And if you’re one of those avid PC gamers who live by RGB, the G635/G935 has Lightsync RGB game-driven lighting, so you can further annoy everyone around you while you’re gaming.

These headsets also benefit from DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound for an immersive gaming experience. One nice feature on the G635/G935 are the three programmable buttons found on the left side. They’re not as handy on the wired option, but wireless users could bind one of those buttons to their push-to-talk key, which means you can still communicate with your friends if you have to step away for a minute.

7. HyperX Cloud II

hyperx cloud ii gaming headset

The HyperX Cloud II is one of the most popular gaming headsets on Amazon, offering a nice set of features at a competitive price. Offering 7.1 virtual surround sound, this headset is powered by 53mm neodymium drivers. It’s compatible with a wide range of platforms, built with a lightweight aluminum frame, and equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone. It is an older offering in the market, especially since one of its selling points is that it’s TeamSpeak Certified. Who even uses TeamSpeak these days?

All “Discord-is-the-best” jokes aside (and yes, this headset is Discord certified), the HyperX Cloud II is still a great gaming headset for the price, with an advanced audio control box (via USB) that features an internal sound card to amplify your audio experience. The headset comes with 100% memory foam ear pads for comfort, along with interchangeable ear cups for varying sound profiles and different texture options.

8. Sennheiser Game ONE

sennheiser game one gaming headset

Audiophiles will surely recognize the Sennheiser name, and while the company doesn’t focus specifically on gaming peripherals, it surely does know how to do quality audio. The Game ONE headset is compatible with a wide variety of platforms thanks to exchangeable cables and a 3.5mm jack input. Equipped with Sennheiser’s original transducer technology, you can expect crisp, clear audio from this headset, which was designed to deliver an accurate and natural sound experience. It features a noise-cancelling microphone and plush velvet ear pads for a comfortable gaming experience.

If you care more about the audio entering your ears than the quality of your voice to other users, the Sennheiser Game ONE is a good buy.

9. Corsair Void PRO RGB

corsair void pro rgb wireless gaming headset

A more premium offering from Corsair is the company’s Void PRO RGB wireless headset. Featuring microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam for a comfortable wearing experience, this headset uses custom tuned 50mm neodymium speakers to deliver wide range and accurate audio. The wireless headset has a range of up to 40 feet and 16 hours of battery life and is equipped with a unidirectional microphone with an LED mute indicator.

This is an RGB headset designed for use with a PC, and if your computer is equipped with other Corsair RGB accessories, you can use the iCUE software to customize the headset.

10. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

logitech g933 artemis spectrum

Last but not least, is the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum, a wireless RGB 7.1 Dolby and DTS Headphone: X Surround Sound headset. Featuring Pro-GTM audio drivers, this is an older but popular wireless gaming headset from Logitech. It’s multi-platform compatible and uses 2.4 GHz for wireless connectivity with up to 12 hours of battery life. It’s a fully customizable headset with three programmable buttons, just like the G635/G935 earlier on our list.

For comfort, it uses breathable and rotating sports mesh ear pads with a fairly comfortable headband.

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