Canlanta 2016

Headphones are an important part of the audio hobby, and gatherings of enthusiasts are great places to listen to different models and technologies, compare notes, and interact directly with manufacturers. If you’re a headphone geek who will be in or near Atlanta, GA, this Saturday, May 21, 2016, be sure to stop by one of the newest conclaves called Canlanta, held at the Marriott Century Center from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Hosted by the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta and HeadphoneAudiophile, the inaugural Canlanta will have many manufacturers on hand showing their latest wares—and not just headphones, but associated products as well, such as DACs, amps, and cables. Exhibitors include Oppo, Sennheiser, Kimber Kable, Empire Ears, Noble, Questyle, Violectric, Meze, Cavalli, and others as well as retailers HeadphoneAudiophile and Sight+Sound Gallery.

Tyll Hertsens, editor-in-chief of and frequent guest on my Home Theater Geeks podcast, will deliver the keynote speech and hold two “table sessions” in which he’ll chat with showgoers, answer questions, and simply be his witty, sparkling self! In addition, there will be three raffles with prizes from Oppo, Matrix, Sight+Sound Gallery, Kimber Kable, Norne, HeadphoneAudiophile, HeadAmp, Oppo, Questyle, HeadSonix, and Meze.

General admission to Canlanta is only $5 (free for students, military, fire, and police personnel), and parking is free. For more info, visit Even if you have only a passing interest in headphones and happen to be in the Atlanta area this weekend, it will be well worth your time to check it out!