Dirac Live & BluOS 3.4 Update for NAD Masters M10 Streaming Amp

NAD will be at AXPONA 2019 showing its Masters M10 streaming integrated amplifier that was announced at CES 2019. For this show, the now-shipping M10 will gain Dirac Live room correction as well as an update to BluOS 3.4 for hi-res streaming. This update will roll out to NAD Masters M10 owners on (approximately) April 16, according to the company.

For no extra cost, the software will correct room-related anomalies in frequencies up to 500 Hz. The ability to correct the entire frequency range requires a paid upgrade to Dirac Live for $99. However, for 2-channel applications the included version with the 500 Hz limit is more than enough to correct everything below the Schroeder Frequency of a room, which is the frequency below which room interactions become a significant influence in the overall response.

Screenshot of Dirac Live controls in BluOS

“Room correction is traditionally used in multi-channel set-ups,” explained Cas Oostvogel, NAD Electronics Product Manager. “Since the room is the biggest factor affecting sound quality regardless of how many channels you have, we wanted to include Dirac Live in our M10 offering to ensure that even our stereo two-channel users have the best listening experience possible.”

If you are attending the AXPONA 2019 audio show in Chicago this weekend, make sure to check out the two suites with NAD:

“Visitors to Holm Audio suite #726 and Saturday Audio Exchange suite #306 will be led through a demonstration of the technology by Dirac Research’s Jakob Ågren, Head of Product at Dirac’s High Performance Audio Business Unit. Mr Ågren will also speak at the NAD Electronics Master Class Theater in the Main Expo Hall on Sunday, April 14, at 11:00 AM local time.”

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