ELAC Debut Reference Speakers Featured at CEDIA 2019

The latest speakers from ELAC’s Andrew Jones are the Debut Reference. I heard a pair of the bookshelf model belt out tunes with clarity and dexterity at RMAF 2019. ELAC showed the bookshelf model along with a tower variant of the Debut Reference at CEDIA 2019.

These are simply amazing $500 speakers. Andrew notes the new Debuts have a better crossover than the current Debut, same woofer but new cast basket with less resonance, and same tweeter but new waveguide. And the vent is now a front slotted design, which improves placement options versus the rear-ported Debut 2.0.

I demoed the $500/pair Debut Reference Bookshelf model at RMAF 2019 and found the sound to be compelling. Love it when treble has “snap” to it but is not bright or grainy. Translates well for pop music or classical. Arguably their ability to handle orchestral music is the greatest trick performed by Andrew Jones latest design.

Here are some photos: