Epson Home Cinema 2100 and 2150 HD Projectors Announced

epson home cinema 2100

Today, Epson announces several new low-cost projectors. The Epson Home Cinema 2100 and 2150 HD projectors will replace the HC 2040 and 2045. The current models and their replacements are all HD (1080p) resolution with no HDR (high dynamic range) capabilities, but that represents the vast majority of content available today—and the price is certainly right.

Both new models increase the peak light output from 2200 to 2500 lumens. And as Epson emphasizes, that’s 2500 lumens of white and color brightness. Also, the lens’ zoom range has been increased from 1.2x to 1.6x, and both models add vertical lens shift. These improvements make placement much more flexible.

The biggest performance enhancement is an increased dynamic contrast ratio in the HD 2150—up to 60,000:1, almost double the contrast ratio of the HC 2045. The HC 2100 and 2040 share the same maximum dynamic contrast ratio of 35,000:1. Both new models provide two HDMI inputs and MHL compatibility. In addition, the HC 2150 offers wireless connectivity and screen mirroring from Android devices and Windows PCs via Miracast.

For situations in which there is no outboard sound system, the new models provide an onboard speaker with 10 watts of amplifier power—twice as much as the previous generation. Of course, it’s always better to have outboard sound, but it’s good to know you have a backup.

“Epson Home Cinema projectors will make your home the place to be for friends and family—delivering immersive entertainment to any room or outdoor space for the ultimate social entertainment experience,” says Rodrigo Catalan, senior product manager, Projectors, Epson America. “A TV simply can’t beat a home-theater projector at putting up a jaw-dropping, big-screen image, and Epson’s new lineup delivers premium picture quality and outstanding value.”

Speaking of value, Epson Home Cinema 2100 and 2150 carry list prices of $850 and $900, respectively. They will be available in late August from various retail outlets.

Also announced today are three ultra-low-cost models, the Home Cinema 660, 760HD, and 1060 with resolutions of 800×600, 720p, and 1080p, respectively. Peak light output of the 660 and 760HD is said to be 3300 lumens, while the 1060’s peak light output is 3100 lumens. All three are spec’d with a contrast ratio of up to 15,000:1, and they have a 2W speaker.

Perhaps most impressive is the pricing: $360 for the 660, $550 for the 760HD, and $650 for the 1060. Like the 2100 and 2150, they will be available in late August from various retail outlets.