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Kevin Cain 07-16-2019 12:55 AM

Figured out the deactivation algorithim...
First off let me say I'm a lifetime subscriber since Jan 2008 $450 paid in full and still on my first radio:). Now,I had a few radios prior to me signing up for lifetime,1 was an xm roady 2 and one was a samsung helix and the other was sirius branded XACT clip radio.

Called and had the xm roady 2 cancelled and it was shutoff almost immediately (Xm days). Helix (XM) and XACT radio were cancelled at the same time and rep confirmed. Helix lasted 4 years and was hit:frown:. Xact worked in our car up until 4 days ago.

ALL of these had one thing in common and I just now put 2 and 2 together and I'm surprised nobody has noticed this before.

They were ALL hit with the kill signal after a "free trial listen for two week period" You know the "everybody turn on your old radios and listen free".

Clever because they dont waste bandwidth hitting random radios 24/7,they just hit em all at once after trial ends.

Of course people getting free service are not following and waiting for the "free trial" so they continue listening and then boom,they get hit along with everyone else not active in the database.

Newsgroup 07-17-2019 02:04 AM

I believe the blocking signal is removed to allow a trial, not the other way around.

augiedoggy 02-11-2020 02:09 PM

Ive always been told they have to send a signal with the specific ESN# for the radio actually being deactivated to turn it off and actually wondered how they turn off all those trial services at once since I thought the bandwidth limitation was the big limiting factor. The comment above would explain it though.

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