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My (since Aug. 2013) HSU 15h thoughts... 


This sub is a BEAST. I'm sure all if not most in the same category are.


The only problems I can think of are:

1. You're face might hurt from smiling ear to ear because you will be happy with it.

2. Thinking your house may come down.

3. Probably the only realistic...

The size. You'll read about it being huge. However, when you get it... It's not huge.

It is VERY HUGE. It is big and may be hard to find the best placement for a lot of people out there. Measurements may show it will fit and may not be so big, but the visual appearance is bigger. And don't think that it'll sound good in the same spot as a smaller sub. For some reason that was the case for me.


Overall, this is sub is great. It gets to the low frequencies nice and clean. Will definitely give you the deepness you want out of a movie and at a high volume. If you live in a condo. You will not be liked.



The fact that you can modify the sound is awesome. Tuning is very important to sound best in different locations and occasions. If you want it boomy you can set it for that. If you want it tight, you can set it for that too. After a few days/weeks, you'll find your favorite setup and will understand the settings enough to make quick changes if you want.


The build is very nice. Solid, clean, and nice finish. You can put it near expensive furniture or decor and will not look out of place.


Now, the real reason why I wanted to start the thread...


What is better than the 15H?


I'm sure the other big subs you compare this one too are great. Whether they are better or not. 

However, only hearing the 15h. The only thing better than the 15H to me is two 15H. And that's only because I already have one.


Most have heard "if you want big sound, you need big sound/speakers". Even with the new technology for smaller stuff. I feel this is true.


It's is wanted? Oh, hell yeah.

Is big needed? I don't think so. 

Don't get me wrong though. You can was turn sound lower but not always low sound higher. So if you can afford bigger, go bigger.


The most important thing to me in sound is BALANCE. I think having balance is more of a quality vs quantity type of thing. So if I were to do it again, I may have done it a little different.


Think of these things:

Budget sets a cost limit.

Balance sets the need.

Growth sets an idea for more speakers. :) it's never enough.

Space sets room space limits. Think realistic space. Not "It'll fit here... but I'll have to walk around it"


The 15H is fantastic is many ways. But it is really a lot of sub in size and the "My whole house is shaking" kind of way.

Honestly, the longer I have it, the more I tend to turn it down. Of course I do turn it back up to impress someone. :) Favorite scene to show from Oblivion when Tom Cruise's line breaks and he falls down. Chapter 3.


Having one sub drives me nuts sometimes because I can tell it's coming from the right rear corner. After doing the sub Crawl, it's the cleanest/loudest/deepest spot. I do want to try and put some thick sound panels in the corner where the sub is. Will this help with it being easy to locate?


In my opinion, two VTF-3 subs and a HSU 12" MBM should be an awesome setup for most. Covering all ranges in the best way must be awesome.

After reading the 12"MBM reviews. It seems awesome.


Understanding frequency range is important. Spreading it out is too. Giving a specific job to a specific speaker lets it focus on giving you the best result for that one job because that is where the power will focus.


80hz-120hz + to speakers (Dialog/directional bass)

50hz-150hz to 12" MBM (Mid Bass) (quick, tight, punchy bass that you can feel in the chest.)

50hz and below to low bass sub. (non-directional big bass and low bass that shakes everything.)


To me, that makes more sense now.























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And I thought I liked my 15H's.

Projector: Benq W1070 1080p 2D/3D
AVR: Denon X2200W
Mains: Klipsch RF-62ii x 2
Center: Klipsch RC-62ii
Surrounds: Klipsch RS-42ii x 4
Subs: Dual Hsu VTF-15H's
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Originally Posted by Prime316 View Post

And I thought I liked my 15H's.

What do you mean?! lol you have TWO!!!


My one still makes my wife and I look at each other and smile during movies. :) But I definitely want to have another and add the MBM.


This thread was more for people shopping but have a 1 big vs. 2 smaller budget.


After reading certain MBM reviews I feel like I am missing out in the range though...

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