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mcallister 01-03-2004 04:15 PM

And how low can it go. I recently purchased an Infinity Intermezzo setup. I am using the subs in the 4.1t for lfe for the time being. Unfortunately they only go to 30Hz. I'm looking for a sub that can hit 15 or 16Hz. Powered prefered.


Hawkson 01-03-2004 04:29 PM

this thread is fairly pointless
the svs b4 is the best svs sub
but search the forums for svs and hsu and adire and sub threads in general. there are tons of threads like this

fatbottom 01-03-2004 04:38 PM

SVS B4-Ultra, to be released sometime. Similar to the current B4-Plus, but with four Ultra drivers. Expect it to be at least another $1000 on top. Monster sub or what? :-D

tuskenraider 01-03-2004 06:07 PM

I'm looking for a sub that can hit 15 or 16Hz. Powered prefered.
To meet these requirements a cylinder looks like the best bet. You could get a 16-46PC+, but there is new PC-Ultra coming out, not sure on the tune options yet. If it's a 20hz native tune, which I believe it'll be, with one port plugged, it would be tuned to 16hz and should have good power. Whether tuned like this it'll be more powerful than a 16-46 PC+, I can't say, though the amps are only 25W apart in power. If the PC-Ultra can be had in a 16hz tune, then perfect. The Ultra will also have the benefit of a parametric EQ to help flatten your frequency response. E-mail SVS with your requirements and they'll set you up with the perfect solution.

All the boxes are tuned at 25hz except the PB1 at 22hz, tuning it down to 16hz where they aren't as efficient isn't a great idea, but the with the power of a PB2+, PB2-Ultra, B4-Plus with a good amp, that might not be an issue............

DrSpike69 01-03-2004 06:21 PM

Best for what? Sort of a subjective answer really. IMO. What is the price range that you are looking for?

There are plenty of subs that will go into that range out there.

But the 'best' SVS would be the B4+. Is it the best for your application? I cannot answer that. (It does work for me rather well though. :D In my room and 3 ports plugged I can get down to a usable 10Hz. But will play measurable SPL down past 5Hz. (past reference levels to get there though (I can watch the woofers move at 1 HZ...lol (I wouldn't recommend trying that though, I don't think it is too good for it).

(I'd like to see a B4-Ultra. :D)

I do agree if you want to get an SVS email them. They will help you in the right direction. They may even recommend a non-svs. It wouldn't hurt to send an email to other sub companies either.

audioguy 01-03-2004 08:40 PM


You use the B4 for movies with 3 ports blocked ???

DrSpike69 01-03-2004 09:32 PM

Originally posted by audioguy

You use the B4 for movies with 3 ports blocked ???
It depends on the movie really. I usually have it with 1 or 2 ports plugged. But some movies have some very low bass, so I plug the 3rd. I also play with port tuning with different movies to see what is different if anything. That gives me a chance to recalibrate my system too....LOL!!! :D

So to answer your question, yes, yes I do. (sometimes...lol)

For a lot of music I tend to use 1 or none. Except for some classical and organ music. Then I use 3.

Really in my room I have no problems with using 3 plugs and getting reference level SPLs (actually I can get the system calibrated in my room to the same SPLs with any port configuration.) I just like to play too much...lol :D Plus, I think some material 'sounds' better with different tunings. Of course it could all be in my head because I like to play... :D

I guess if I didn't like to play so much, I'd just leave in 3. Or 2.... :D

{My room is 17L X 20W X 7H that opens into a 13L X 22W X 7H room and a 14L X 22W X 14H room, there is 1 opening in the front of my HT room that leads to these 2 rooms which are basically fully open to each other with a partial wall that is open in the center (a big hole in the wall basically). Also a staircase to the second floor is off of the HT room. Over 8000 cu-ft total, effective room size is probably more like 6000 cu-ft, maybe less.

I power the sub with a Peavey GPS 3500 bridged. The sub is also 'corner loaded' with the ports firing into the wall.}

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