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bgarner 09-30-2005 11:20 AM

ISF Calibrators post your services HERE: at a minimum, please post :

Your name(AVS name)-------- Area covered-------- Certification, Services, etc.

Here is the ISF Link
here is the Custom Installers Link

Please: only ISF Calibrators post here- Thanks

First Listing:

My name is Brian Garner and I offer Video and Audio Calibrations in in Southwestern Ontario such as the Cambridge, Kitchener area as well as Mississauga and the Toronto area. I am ISF and HAA certified, and have the equipment to get the job done.

Please visit my website at www.basementcinema.com for more information on the services we offer as well as listing of my calibration equipment that is used.

glenned 09-30-2005 06:28 PM

I provide calibration services in L.A. and Orange County. I'm the in-house calibrationist for the high end HT store and custom installer, Digital Ear, in Tustin, CA.

I specialize in digital displays: Plasma/LCD, Rear Projection, and Front Projection. I am experienced in setting the Primaries and Secondaries on those few displays that currently allow this level of depth in calibration.

I use the Progressive Labs MicroSpec (a state of the art spectroradiometer), the Progressive Labs CA-6X colorimeter, and the Gretag Macbeth Eye-One Pro spectroradiometer. They allow me to include the screen in the calibration chain when setting Front Projectors. I use the Accupel HDG 3000 signal generator, and a variety of test patterns on disk.

Glenn Zink, ISF

Barry928 09-30-2005 10:16 PM

Barry VanDenBerg at Orlando Digital TV served the entire Central Florida region coast to coast. Originally ISF trained in 2002, Added the Colorfacts Pro Certification in 2004. Advanced Color Space Management training in 2006. Added HDR on 2017. 16 years of professional field experience. 100% satisfied customers.

I calibrated all types of displays including LCD with LED, OLED, Plasma, DLP, and LCOS. Authorized for JKP projector calibration.

Equipment: Laptop computer with CalMan Professional software, X-rite Spectrophotometer probe, SpectralCal C6 HDR probe, VideoForge high definition test pattern generator.

Pioneer Elite ControlCal software for every model. Panasonic ControlCal software, Sharp Elite ControlCal software, JVC projector calibration software, Lumagen video processors.

Retired from calibrating in 2018. Thank you to all my satisfied customers over the years. I enjoyed meeting you all.

genemc 10-02-2005 12:10 PM

My name is Gene McCollum, my AVS name is genemc. My company name is WOW Factor. The phone number is 850-777-1289, e-mail: [email protected](dot)net, website: isfcalibrations(dot)com. I am ISF and HAA (Audio) certified. I have Sencore test equipment for video and audio calibrations. I cover the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama (travel charges may apply depending on distance).

Q of BanditZ 10-02-2005 12:36 PM

I'll do this on behalf of someone, since I know he's very busy and doesn't post on this forum very much.

Name: Chad Billheimer

Website: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/

Email: [email protected]

Equipment used: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/equipment.htm

Biography/background: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/bio.htm

Coverage area: The website advertised "Full ISF calibration and service for Ohio, Indiana, W. Virginia, and Virginia" but Chad's been "cheating" and going out past that realm more often and may be looking to expand his base, after a point.

All of his references, means of contact, and other information are on that site.

He tends to actually cover a greater area that you might think, case by case. He hails from Ohio, but he's been going out as far as Maine, FL, and way out west as well. Case by case.

All you have to do is fill this form out here: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/order.htm

It's not a binding contract at all. He'll contact you and case by case, you may just be pleasantly surprised. I won't speak for him one way or the other. It can't hurt to take a shot!

My personal testimonial about Chad's services:

This is my own personal testimonial thread about Chad and his services. You'll see plenty of other forumers, like UMR and such, that jumped in the thread and really gave a lot of useful information and plenty of great discussion!

JohnnyG 10-04-2005 10:22 AM

Calibrating in the Greater Toronto Area since 2000. My equipment includes ColorFacts 6.0 and a Sencore VP300 HDTV test pattern generator.

I owned my own A/V store for over 5 years and used to calibrate every set I sold, as well as providing for-hire calibrations on most weekends, so I have plenty of experience under my belt.

TomHuffman 10-04-2005 03:47 PM

My Name is Tom Huffman. I am ISF certified and I provide calibration services for all types of displays (except projection CRTs) in the Washington D.C. and Virginia-Maryland suburbs and Baltimore and surrounding suburbs.

  • ChromaPure software of my own design, Klein K10 professional colorimeter, and Orb Optronics SP-100 spectroradiometer
  • Minolta LS-100 luminance meter
  • AEMC CA183 illuminance meter
  • Accupel HDG 4000 Test Pattern Generator
  • Avia Professional
I have been performing ISF calibrations professionally since 2002. I have worked on over a hundred displays, but most of my experience is with
  • Plasmas from Panasonic, Pioneer, and Samsung
  • LCDs from Samsung and Sony
  • Front projectors (digital) from Sharp, Sony, JVC, BenQ, and Optoma
See my web site at here for a full description of my services and lots of HT info.

Dave Harper 10-05-2005 10:55 PM

***UPDATED: Moved Business Location to Hawaii***

Dave Harper.

I am located in Hawaii and am willing to travel to any island and anywhere, anytime, contingent upon travel expenses.

I have worked here for A/V Science as a Technical Sales Rep and ISF trained Calibrator/Installer, as a Technical Sales and Design Rep for the now defunct TAW, Inc., Instructor and Evaluator in an airborne Television and Radio Broadcast aircraft for the US Government and for NBC Affiliate WGAL-TV, Lancaster, PA. I have been in the business for over 22 years. I have done hundreds of calibrations, sales, consultations and installations.

I utilize Professional, State-of-the-Art Colorimeters, SD/HD Test Pattern Generators, Software and various other associated test equipment. Since calibrating high-end HDTV projectors and displays is as much an art as it is a science, I use my well trained eyes, hands and brain as well.

You can reach me through the contact numbers below. Feel free to request references.

(717) 361-9714
[email protected]

Allen Fleener 10-06-2005 12:41 PM

Allen Fleener
I am an ISF calibrator with both Sencor and Malori Colorfacts colorometers. I also have an optical comparator. I use the Sencor VP-300 HDTV test pattern signal generator and an Sencor SP-295 sound level meter for surround sound / room calibration. I have several test dvd's and both Blu ray and HD DVD test disks and a HDTV d-vhs test tape too.

I cover mostly So.Cal but am willing to travel where I need to.

I calibrate most all display devices

Audio and Video Sensations
(951) 682-6605

DroptheRemote 10-08-2005 10:55 AM

My name is Doug Weil and my company is Clearly Resolved Image & Sound. I'm based in St. Louis.

Coverage Area: While the St. Louis metro area is my “home” market, I also conduct regular calibration tours (at least twice annually) to the major population areas in:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Equipment: I own and maintain the following calibration test equipment:

  • Murideo 6G 4K and HDR-compatible reference-standard signal generator
  • Accupel DVG-5000 reference standard digital signal generators
  • Accupel HDG-3000 reference-standard digital/analog signal generator
  • Gretag-Macbeth i1 Pro spectraphotometer
  • Xrite i1 Pro spectraphotometer
  • Xrite i1 Display Pro colorimeter
  • CalMAN Ultimate 2017 calibration suite
  • ControlCAL calibration software for ISFccc-compatible displays, including licenses for all supported Panasonic plasma, Pioneer Kuro plasma and Sharp Elite displays

Training & Affiliations: I am a graduate of the Imaging Science Foundation training course and have also taken ISF instruction in CRT front projector setup and calibration. I also attended an ISF refresher course at the Datacolor headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey in early 2007. I am also THX Video calibration-certified.

Summit HDTV 10-08-2005 05:57 PM


Summit HDTV is an ISF Trained television calibration service provider.

Territory: Southeast Michigan.

Display Expertise: Most brands of CRT based projection TVs, DLP and LCD front projection systems, DLP and LCD rear-projection TVs, Plasma panels, and most brands of direct-view TVs.

Equipment: Progressive Labs CA-6X multi-display color analyzer; Sencore VP403 HDTV signal generator with component video, DVI and ATSC RF output; TVS Pro Optical Comparator; Avia Pro calibration DVD Suite; Toshiba laptop computer; I2C Interface

ISF and calibration experience: Passed ISF test in April, 2004. Summit HDTV has been calibrating televisions since October, 2003.

Affiliations: Founding member of ISF Forum. Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. ISF Seminar completed in April 2004.

We believe in the calibration of televisions and projectors to ISF Standards. The result of calibration is viewing the program content as it was meant to be seen. We believe in using the right equipment.

Thank you.

Tyson Jordan 10-08-2005 08:36 PM

Thanks for starting this thread! I think it's a great way for us all to get acquainted with one another.

My name is Tyson Jordan and I am just getting started in my career as an ISF calibrator. I am willing to do any type of display, but due to current equipment, I can only do complete calibrations on CRT devices. I own a Sencore CP-288 which I am told might do plasmas, but I have no confirmation on that to date. If any of you have any info on this, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me.

I, along with the man responsible for peaking my interest in all this to start with, am gearing up to start our own business which will include calibration. We will be working in the Bloomington, IN area to start with. If all goes well, we will expand our coverage area in the future.

JohnnyG 10-11-2005 09:22 AM

I have a CP288 and just ordered a ColorFacts 6.0 system, so if I get the chance, I can compare the readings of the two on the next plasma I calibrate. AFAIK, the CP288 will not be totally accurate for anything other than CRT-based displays, but it'll be interesting to see how far off it might be.

Tyson Jordan 10-11-2005 11:13 AM

Great! Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin R. Anderson 10-13-2005 11:31 AM

I cover the great State of Utah, pretty much anywhere along the I-15 corridor. I consider my particular expertise to be digital display devices.

I've purchased the latest equipment (see my home page by clicking on my name) and my philosophy is to calibrate your display device as if it was my own. I'm passionate about home theater and making sure that your display device reaches its maximum potential.

rub_123 10-13-2005 04:35 PM

I noticed that on the listing of ISF Calibrators, there are 2 certifications listed:

1. ISF Optical Comparator
2. Color Analyzer

The person who sold me my TV (I'm still awaiting delivery) was only listed as a Color Analyzer. Should I be concerned? Should I be looking for another calibrator?

Dave Harper 10-13-2005 09:03 PM


Not to worry, those listings are not certifications, they are the calibration tools that he/she uses. A color analyzer is a must, the optical comparator isn't but is also a good tool to double check your work as it's used as a reference D65 "comparison" to the display you just calibrated.

The ISF course trains using both tools, so anyone certified is at least familiar with both of them.

Good Luck with your new HDTV and calibration!!!

jesman71 10-14-2005 08:27 AM

Hello, My name is Jesse Power. I am a ISF & HAA calibrator offering my services in the Cape Cod area, in Falmouth MA. Contact me @ (617)512-0643

Dave Harper 10-14-2005 04:59 PM

Originally Posted by rub_123 View Post

Thanks for the insight Dave. I appreciate that you took the time to respond.

I will be calibrating with an Avia disc out of the box and will then get the professional calibration done after ~ 100 hour break-in period. Can't wait.

No problem at all.

Where are you located? I would be happy to assist you in the calibration when you are ready. I am in Central PA.

If you have any troubles or any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Michael TLV 10-15-2005 07:44 AM


My name is Michael Chen, but most frequenters of the HT forums know me as Michael TLV. I calibrate as a hobby and have been doing so since 1999. I am a member of the Lion Audio/Video Network of top calibrators that travel the country.

I've been an enthusiast of home video ever since 1980 when my parents bought the family's first Betamax vcr. The hobby grew from there to constant upgrading of equipment and the addition of poorman surround sound in those early days.

Hooking up people's systems was the big thing back then and I could wire up anyone's system and even teach them how to use it after 10 minutes of study. Sort of a slow "pretender." By the early 90's I was operating a hobby business hooking up a/v systems for people and contracting this service to the local department stores and repair shops.

In the late 80's the first calibration video laser disc came out and that spelled the beginnings of video calibration for myself. I had been a keen reader of all that a fellow named Joe Kane wrote about image calibration. By 1997-98 when the colour analyzing equipment first became available at an attainable price, I maxed out my credit card and took that plunge. Thus started my life as a full fledged video calibrationist.

I had the slight advantage over others in that I had actually spent the previous 8 years reading and studying up on the theory before and practicing the physical stuff on tv after TV anyway. Learning the equipment was a piece of cake. Although making the capital investment meant that playtime was over. Getting my ISF credentials was next and I simply saw that as a necessary evil. Something one needed to get additional credibility ...

I continue to do this calibration work as a hobby, carefully balanced with my day job occupation. I'm considered to be one of those "traveling calibrators" that goes across the country when there is the need for no nonsense calibration. The areas of the continent that I routinely cover are the Pacific Northwest (including Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver,Victoria and all points in between about 4 times a year), Eastern Canada (Toronto-GTA, Ottawa, Montreal twice a year), Winnipeg, Regina, and even Las Vegas come CES time. When I am not on a calibration tour, my primary local service areas are Calgary & Edmonton and Central / Southern Alberta.

The members of the Lion Audio/Video Network are Video Calibrationists ... not just ISF calibrators. We do a whole lot more where ISF ends.

Current video equipment includes the Philips Colour Analyzer, Progressive Labs CA-1 Colour analyzer, Progressive Labs CA-1-CE, Progressive Labs CA-6XAnalyzer, Colorfacts 6.0 & Accucal Software with the GretagMacbeth spectroradiometer, Accupel HDG-3000 signal generator, and the AVS TV Pro Optical Comparator. I also have the I2C equipment for applicable Mits units and the Pioneer C3 Remote and Panasonic plasma Special Remote.

For audio, I use the Sencore SP295 Sound Analyzer.

I am equipped to handle CRT, DLP, LCD, Plasma and other display technologies out there like DILA and LCOS.

I am unaligned with any store fronts so I have no false loyalties. I am free to criticize any type of display device on the market. The man with the brutal truth ... as I am not there to tell you how great your equipment purchases are. I only care about the image.

Contact Information:

Email me from this site directly or visit the Lion Audio/ Video Consultants site at Lionav.com.


rhunt 10-15-2005 07:58 AM

Michael TLV

I can personally recommend your group from Lion AV. Greg Loewen calibrated my Hitachi RPTV in the past and will do a touch up early next year. Your ISF calibration group is among the best in the country. Greg spends many hours performing a calibration on every set he touches and the results are superb!
Please keep up the good work.

Richard Hunt
Lowell, Ma.

Tyson Jordan 10-15-2005 07:59 AM

Sounds as if you are truly a dedicated calibrator, or is it calibrationist? I'm curious, what do you do beyond ISF?

Les H 10-15-2005 10:36 PM

Les Holt

ISF Calibrator
HoltMods Audio and Video Consulting
7172 Regional St., Ste. 225
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: (925) 400 6600

Website: http://holtmods.com/isf.htm

Email: [email protected]

Serving the San Francisco, California Bay Area and beyond

HoltMods Offers ISF Certified Video Calibration Services
for OLED, LCD, LCOS, Plasma, DLP, CRT, HDTV, DTV, and DVD

Calibrator certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF): http://www.imagingscience.com/

ISF Calibrator with 30 years experience in audio/video systems:

· designing, building, modifying and calibrating
· Designer and manufacturer of the ACKDAC analog to digital converter and digital output conversion kits
· Founder and owner of HoltMods, audio and video equipment provider (http://holtmods.com)
· ISF Calibrator with highest grade Extra Class Amateur Radio license.

My approach to video and audio calibration:

I will maximize the performance of your display, whether it's OLED, plasma, DLP, LCD, LCOS, or CRT, and will extract the best image from all source material, including Blu-Ray, 4K, DVD, HDTV, HD-DVD, DTV and NTSC.

I have special expertise with LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, and Toshiba, all of which I own and use, and offer ISF certified calibrations on all other displays, including Sharp, Sony projectors, JVC (including HD-ILA), SIM, Fujitsu, and NEC. I consult on audio and video systems' acquisition, integration, setup, ISF calibration and performance, home theater PC (HTPC) setup, and high definition television (HDTV) reception issues and solutions. I can also provide you with the best equipment to optimize your home theater experience, including HDTV displays and associated audio/video hardware.

Available for ISF calibrations in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including the East Bay, and, on request, beyond.

My goal is to extract the highest level of performance from your system, taking into account your individual viewing and listening habits and preferences, as well as the capabilities of your display. To achieve the best ISF calibration of gray scale, I use two independent references: objective equipment measurements with a colorimeter (the Progressive Laboratories CA-6X and other equipment), and direct visual observations using an optical comparator (the AV Standards Visual Standard TVS Pro). An Accupel generator is also used for accurate source reference.

I'm methodical and detail oriented, and take my time to get things right. I talk to a client before, during and after the calibration to customize the set up for his viewing and listening habits. I don't sell anything to ISF calibration clients unless requested, so I can provide objective advice free of any conflict of interest.

I provide free initial consultations by telephone. Call me and we can discuss how we can enhance your home theater experience: (925) 400-6600.

Equipment used for ISF Calibration includes:

· Progressive Laboratories CA-6X colorimeter (latest release)
· Progressive Laboratories CA-1 colorimeter
· AV Standards The Visual Standard TVS Pro color comparator
· Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop with custom calibration files
· Avcom PSA37D spectrum analyzer for HDTV reception analysis
· Goldstar OS2090G oscilloscope
· The Gryphon Exorcist audio oscillator
· Customized sound level meter
· Avia, Video Essentials and Digital Video Essentials calibration DVD's and LD's

Services offered include:

· Grey scale calibration (using two independent references)
· Color decoder alignment
· Proper adjustment of contrast (white level)
· Proper adjustment of brightness (black level)
· Geometry correction
· Proper adjustment of electronic focus
· Proper adjustment of mechanical (optical) focus
· Analysis of room setup and conditions from both visual and auditory perspectives
· Consultation re best choice of equipment for budget and viewing/listening habits
· Delivery and installation of video displays and audio equipment
· Optimization of equipment and set up
· Proper alignment of multi-channel sound systems
· Recommended test DVD's, CD's, SACD's, DVD-A's
· Recommendations comparing cable TV with satellite TV versus over-the-air (OTA) reception
· Feasiblity analysis of over-the-air (OTA) reception of HDTV

Geographic areas covered include:

· San Francisco Bay Area
· East Bay Area
· Peninsula
· South Bay: San Jose
· San Francisco
· Marin
· Central Valley, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, Tracy
· All Bay Area Counties, including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, San Joaquin

Cheezmo 10-19-2005 07:43 PM

Steve Martin - Smart Calibration, LLC
I've been an ISF Calibrator since 2001.

Mostly serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with occasional trips to surrounding areas.

PDonthate 10-21-2005 10:10 AM

Have not seen anyone mention anything about the Atlanta, GA area (or anywhere in Georgia for that matter).
Can anyone recommend a good ISF certified calibrator in, or around, Atlanta?

Dave Harper 10-21-2005 02:07 PM

Have you tried Terry Ferrentinos (CHUCHUF on AVS)??? I think he's ISF certifed, if not he should be and he REALLY knows his stuff. He can be found in the CRT Forum mostly.

DroptheRemote 10-22-2005 04:56 AM


I'd suggest Richard Fisher (Mastertech) in Lawrenceville or Randy Tomlinson (Advanced Tech Service) in Smyrna. I'm not sure how close these guys actually are to Atlanta, but I know they both service the area.

Both guys know their stuff and will take good care of you.

PDonthate 10-22-2005 02:18 PM

Thanks Doug, much appreciaited.


GlenC 10-30-2005 01:23 AM

Home Theater Calibration offers Monitor, Television and Projector calibration services as its core business. I was trained and certified by Joel Silver and Kevin Miller at the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) to calibrate a wide array of video equipment including front projection.
  • My goal or mission is to provide each of my clients with the highest quality calibration service possible, whether your display cost $500 or $50,000.
  • I offer ISF Calibration services to everyone. I calibrate all displays, all brands, no matter where you purchased it.
  • Calibration of your display, with truer colors, better blacks and more detail will allow you to fully enjoy the picture, “the way it is meant to be seen”.
  • Calibration further maximizes your investment by making viewing more comfortable, less fatiguing (no more headaches) and, in some cases (CRT and Plasma), extending the life of your display and minimize image burn.
  • Advanced calibration services available on some models (Geometry, Focus, Convergence).
  • CRT Projector services available for many projectors, specializing in the Marquee.
  • On request, I can make custom analog video cables using Canare tooling and connectors with Canare or Belden cable.
  • Additional services available when requested (RPTV cabinet black lining, lens/mirror cleaning, Plasma/projector mounting).
My personal system for reference consists of:
  • JVC DLA-RS2U 1080p Projector.
  • Lumagen RadianceXE
  • Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD
  • Mitsubishi 65813 9” CRT RPTV
  • Sony BVM-1310 13” Broadcast Video Monitor
  • Denon DVD-5900 DVD player w/SDI
  • DirecTV HD
  • Dish Network VIP622 DVR
The tools that travel with me to calibrations:
  • Progressive Labs Microspec spectroradiometer
  • Progressive Labs C5 Color Analyzer and software
  • Sencore VP-403SH Video Test Pattern Generator
  • AccuPel HDG-4000 HD-SD Calibration Generator
  • ControlCal Software for Pioneer ISFccc displays.
  • Colorfacts Datacolor ISFccc for Pioneer displays
  • Sony PVM-96 D65 B&W monitor with high-resolution video camera.
  • Avia Pro, HD-Digital Video Essentials test DVDs plus reference DVDs
  • Laptop computer
Providing calibration services throughout Southern California, willing to consider travel beyond.

Visit Home Theater Calibration

(562) 693-6983 >>> cell: (562) 754-0996

ckirby96 11-04-2005 03:59 PM

Wondering if anyone out there is down in San Diego. I have a 6-month old Fujitsu P50XHA40US.

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