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jones2416 10-20-2008 11:41 AM

I currently have a BD-30 running through a Dennon 3808 to a 56 Samsung 1080p DLP. My question is would a player with a better chip set provide a noticable diffrence when watching a Blu-Ray or does the chip make a diffrence when not upconverting?

I have been getting spoiled watching movies on my 120htz LCD in my living room

Gary Murrell 10-20-2008 04:42 PM

are you talking about the decoder chip inside the player?


jones2416 10-20-2008 05:44 PM

yes or I guess another way to put it would be If I am playing a Blu-Ray through the BD-30 via HDMI and all things being the same would a more expensive player like the new Dennon provide a better picture? If so what in that player would give me a give it a better picture when playing Blu-Rays?

kjack 10-21-2008 03:54 AM

Copy of a post of my reply to a similar question elsewhere:

The outputs of the video decoder blocks on the SoCs are bit-accurate for H.264 and VC-1, meaning the decoded video quality at that point is exactly the same for all players.

So, the differences in players is in the post-processing of the video, such as scaling, deinterlacing, edge enhancement, noise reduction, color correction, etc. This is where the "art" comes in.

Some player manufacturers (and consumers) may also tweak various settings (such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, edge enhancement, 2D/3D noise reduction, gamma, color conversion, etc.) to achieve the specific "look" to the video that they want. The most accurate picture, although possibly not the most personally visually pleasing picture, is when all those type of controls are bypassed or zero'd out.

"Despite the video decoders outputting the same video quality can some players give a slightly better image due to internal circuitry, better power supply, etc. or is all of that pretty much irrelevant with digital?"

Once the power supply is of sufficient threshold in quality to reliably handle the player, and a good PC board design is used, it is largely irrelevant with digital.

However, they could affect the drive electronics as that contains analog circuitry. Once some of this analog front-end stuff is integrated onto the main SoC decoder, these things become more important.

These things can also affect the analog audio and video outputs, however, as the audio and video DACs should have nice, clean power as any power supply noise is pretty much coupled directly onto the analog outputs.

The quality of the HDMI output is important, as that could be considered analog due to the frequencies and levels involved. We have seen differences in HDMI outputs in their ability to drive various cables and cable lengths, and some HDMI switchers, without introducing some sparkling in the video.

Ruined 10-21-2008 03:58 AM

Also, we must remember that many concert & nature documentary Blu-ray discs are 1080i and some players do a poor job of deinterlacing those discs. There is no way to store 30fps/HD video on Blu-ray without encoding in 1080i, so it is something that will continue to be an issue with the format.

Gary Murrell 10-21-2008 12:50 PM

video decoders vary alot in performance in my personal findings over the years, doing lots of SDI mods etc., the only true way to see what a decoder is up to is to view it via SDI getting everything else out of the way

then as Keith said you can see that players that even have the same identical decoders can give varying PQ based on power supply quality, build, shielding etc.

on top of that some decoders have CUE, some don't, some have noisier images some don't, some are sharper others are softer

best BD player decoder out there right now? IMHO it is the Sigma SMP8634


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