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Originally Posted by teachsac View Post
The BDP-80FD is Pioneer. You linked the Oppo BDP-80 thread.
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Fixed. Hate working on my phone.

Please use the report post button to alert staff to problematic posts. Never quote or respond to them yourself.

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i have BDT-170 and i have a problem.
If a move sharpness slide from 0 to +5 nothing change into the image.
How is possible?
There is a way to change video setting when watching a film?
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I have lx58 but how come hdcp is always off when connect with lumagen 2041
is there anyway to enable or disable hdcp in pioneer player?

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Pioneer LX58 USB file support


I ask if the Pioneer LX58 support MKV file with DTS HD Master and Dolby True HD.

My current Marantz UD5005, is not bad but don't support audio of this type with MKV files.

thank you !
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Does anyone know if the Pioneer BDP LX58 can use the same power cable as the BDP LX55 ?

It looks from the pictures I have seen from the rear of the LX58 that it has the same AC IN socket.

Reason for asking is that I may be swapping out my LX55 for an LX58 and it will be a lot less hassle if I don't have to route through a new power cable.

Confirmation of this would be appreciated.
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Has anyone upgraded from the LX58 to the LX88?
Does the LX88 have better PQ?
I would love to hear your experiences
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Streaming to LX88


I wonder if there are still any LX88 owners out is a wonderful unit.

I have a Pioneer LX88 BDP. It has a USB input. I want to stream AV Content. Is there some way I can stream via this USB input? The BDP has a web connect but it allows only YouTube and one other web source. I want to stream Tidal though this BDP.

Does anyone know if this is even possible and how it might be done?

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Pioneer BDP-LX58K sync and stutter problem

Hi, all.

Recently I purched a used (but "as new", at least the exterior) Pioneer BDP-LX58K Bluray player. I bought it to replace my PS3, which clearly wasn't happy being used mainly as a media player. I've run into some problems during the first week of use. I've tried to contact the seller, but he moved to Germany (which is why he sold most of his posessions) and he hasn't replied to my question.

- When I play Full-HD BR discs, sometimes video stutters. It looks like as if you're trying to watch a compressed video format on a pc that can't decode fast enough. Audio plays smoothly at these times. This happens to some intro cutscenes, sometimes entire movies won't play normally.

- Also, there is a random synchronization problem with audio and video. It's possible to delay audio relative to the image. But not the other way around - which is what I need: audio lags behind the picture.

- I've set the player to output audio "as is". However, if I'm to believe the status display of my A/V processor, the player only outputs multichannel PCM audio, with the LFE channel +10dB. That's weird... No Dolby Digital, no DTS, etc.

Is anyone here familiar with these issues?
I've tried different color space settings, different audio out settings and the player is set to ouput to standard 1080p.
I haven't yet tried to reset it to factory defaults, since I'm not sure the player won't revert to UHD/4K output - which my equipment can't handle.

Other relevant equipment in my system:
Emotiva UMC-200 A/V processor (which handles all video switching, audio decoding and bass-management);
Philips 32PFL9606h 3d lcd tv.

I've connected the Pioneer player to the Emotiva with an HDMI1.3 3D capable cable from Monster Cable.
The cable between the Emotiva and my tv is a generic 3d-capable cable.

Could it be that cabling is actually the problem? These cables worked fine with the PS3. I've understood that HDMI data transfer either works, or it doesn't. There should be no such thing as intermittent problems. Right..?

If anyone can help me with this, it would be much appreciated!


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Question SACD ripping

Dear @SoundsCrazy , @jamesblond & all the other Pioneer BDP-LX58 / BDP-85FD & BDP-LX88 / BDP-88FD owners,

would you like to test your units whether they can rip SACDs just as the lower end model BDP-170 does?

BTW, do the BDP-82FD / 83FD / 470 models really belong to the same player generation (=released the same year)?


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