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4K TV or Projector

Hello, new here. I just bought a house recently and have been absolutely torn whether to do projector or tv. I am looking at Vizio E75 F3 which I can get for about $600. The television has solid reviews on several websites. I have been shopping projectors as well. Some of the ones I have been considering are the Optoma UHD60 (if I decide to spend that much), benq 2550 and 3550 models as well as some others too in the $1000-$1500 range or so. The room can have full ambient light controlled so this isn't an issue. Also, regardless of either TV or projector I will have $ set aside for surround sound system. The tv I am looking at and can afford is 75" and if I could do the projector it would be about 95"-100." Some areas of concern are the longevity of a projector at this price point. I have read a ton of reviews and the build quality isnt the greatest and companies seem to not stand behind certain warranty parts. This is mostly my main concern. Dont want a lemon and then be stuck out $1500. Places I can get my television at (costco) offer extended warranties as part of their membership which I like. Also, I am a sucker for black/gray/white levels and have seen most projectors in this range have some issues with these areas (although the TV we have upstairs now 49" 4K only has moderate reviews regarding gray/white/black levels and I hardly notice them). I am currently at work and unsure of room dimensions but there is only one wall the projector could go on. I hate that I cannot see and compare projector images as a set up where as you can always compare televisions and see them. Needing some input. I don't care about gaming on TV or projector, however I am a huge sports and movie/television viewer of all sorts so I would like something that is best for sports. This is a very low level option as far as budget goes, but just buying my first home and not having a 'perfect home theater room' dedicated to sound and a setup I am not willing to splurge nor can I justify it right now. Thanks in advance.
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I asked the same question in my thread here:

In my case, I think it's a no-brainer to go projector since the room is very large, and I can go 150". The wall seems ideal for such a setup.

I'm no expert by any means, but I might be more inclined towards a TV if 95" is the largest image you can fit in the room, black levels are important, and you want reliability. I've seen the 86" LG 86UK6570 for $1600, which is basically what you'd pay for a decent 4k projector. It's 10" less, but at least the black levels will be better, you don't have to control room light, and it should last longer and consume less electricity.

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This question is asked all the time because it's a popular and important one.

I would tend to agree with @redpoint5 regarding going with a 75" TV if you can only do a 95" Projector Screen. Most people who go with Projectors go with 120-150" screen, with several others going 100-110". 95" is very small for a Projector screen.

Which is best for you depends on so many factors, and I'd suggest reading @redpoint5 thread he posted, or doing a search here. You'll find more info than you ever care to read as this question comes up very regularly.

To Summarize....it depends on your room and what YOU want. Projectors cannot match Black Levels and Contrast of TVs. Ambient light is more than just turning off lamps and shutting the blinds on the windows. It's about Room Light Reflections as well. Light colored walls and ceilings are a poison for Projectors. The light hitting the screen will bounce off and hit your light colored walls and ceiling, reflecting back on the screen and hinder your Blacks and Contrast. My ceiling is black and I have black velvet on the side walls to improve perceived Contrast. Not every room is equipped to do that. TVs will look better. They are brighter, HDR will look great. 4K Projectors cannot do HDR. They can accept HDR and do some software algorithms called Tone Mapping. I've read the BenQ 3550 on your list does a great job with it, but nothing like a TV. PJs aren't bright enough to take advantage of HDR like a TV. With all that said, there is NOTHING like firing up a movie on a 120" Screen in your Theater Room. I have a $750 BenQ HT2050a and it's incredible. My 1080p Plasma looks much better in terms of contrast and black levels, but I rarely if ever watch a movie on it as there is no comparison to a big screen. But if I were choosing between a 75" TV vs 95" Projector Screen, I'd absolutely go with the 75" TV. No PJ hanging and alignment, no bulbs to burn out and you aren't getting that much of a bigger picture. My Plasma is 50" and my PJ Screen is 120", so it's a blast watching a movie on it.

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