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DIYDUGG 01-10-2016 02:12 AM

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New for 2016!!
Some minor mods and better wood did pay off.
Mostly in the bass, not deeper, but more detail and "full" sounding.

Crazy sound stage, far left, far right and dead center.
I think that's an advantage of a large tweeter with a low xo point.
[Dayton Audio RS28F-4 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter]

DIYDUGG 01-10-2016 03:47 AM

Mike, those are nice looking, is there a build thread?


Originally Posted by Face2 (Post 40137402)
I have one as well, but with the SB Acoustics SB19.


Bburnett 01-10-2016 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by DIYDUGG (Post 40149626)
The beauty of the this system is the simple xo.
Getting very nice "flat line" response (+- 2.5db).
Loving the robust bass also.

Note the wire AWG and DCR of the coils, very important!
A "P" core inductor can be used for the woofers, but Madsiound has a good deal on 1.2ohm 12 gauge foil-coil :)

The red felt lined box below is 9" wide x 25" tall x 13"deep.
[The New BB boxes far right post #357 are 8-3/4" wide]
Ports can be calculated as you wish, getting good results here using WinIsd.
E.g. the unfinished BB box has a 7 1/4" wide port x 5/8" tall, which tuned up nicely at 38hz.


Originally Posted by DIYDUGG (Post 40135106)
Designs are out there now!!
This TMM/MTM/MM design may be in here somewhere, so please excuse if so.

It is nice to see these designs, especially the Renditions. I have heard the Renditions many times - my good friend (Hongrn over on the Parts Express Tech Talk) designed these. The bass output is impressive.

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