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legierk 06-21-2007 03:33 AM

I got some of those Parts Express speaker grills. Has anyone had any experience with these. The frame kit itself is pretty self explanatory. However, as there are no directions, how do I attach the grill cloth (purchased separately)? I'm assuming hot glue or something, but am just not sure. What is the easiest way to stretch, attach and glue the grill coth to these plastic frames?

Satansfx 06-21-2007 03:52 AM

Ok, your a guy and prolly never made anything "crafty" like a pillow, or curtains, or re covered a couch..... so here is a fast rundown

Assemble the frame with glue
Cut your cloth about 2-3" long/wide on each side (do this by placing the cloth on the floor/table and putting the frame in the middle of the cloth.
make sure you have overhang!!
now I start at the top middle.... place a dab of hot glue on the back of the frame on the top and then grab the middle of the cloth and stick it in place
hold it for 5-10 secs untill the glue cools
next do the rest of the top..... going every inch or so with a dot of glue and pulling the cloth and sticking it on the back

Once you have the top glued down.... start on the bottom
Do the same thing, exept this time pull the cloth tight, but not too tight that you bend the frame.... do this untill the bottom half is done... ever inch or do put a dab of glue, wrap the cloth and hold till the glue cools

now pick a side.... left or right
do the same thing.... pulling tight and gluing

then the other side

now.... you still have the corners to do..... what I do is fold the edges like im folding a present.... and put a few globs of glue in while im folding.... then you get a nice crisp edge.

now trim off the excess.... and your done.

Satansfx 06-21-2007 03:58 AM

Ron Stewart 06-21-2007 10:03 AM

Here are links to two articles dealing with grill cloth:



I used a variation of the procedure outlined in the first article. Here's how I built the grills for my speakers:

Note that these articles describe MDF or masonite grills. I don't know if the 3M spray adhesive works with plastic frames.


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