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ftdoan 10-19-2013 07:11 PM

Hey guys long time reader first time poster! Want to thank all you guys for all the help.

I have a Mitsu 8000HC projector set up with all my AV equipment in a closet behind the projector. There are also two sets of lights on two switches (no dimmers).

I am a complete newb to automation, can anyone tell me what is the easiest set up for a universal remote to control AV equipment and control lights through RF and not line of sight?

I would like to be able to do sequences (pause would turn on dimmers) but its not completely necessary. Again no idea where to begin and any help would be great. Thanks guys!

Neurorad 10-23-2013 11:50 AM

Search forums for Philips Hue, Harmony/Logitech, UPB, Insteon, and RF, for discussions.

Try google, More -> Discussions, Search Tools -> Within the last year, for 2-3 of those search terms.

Here is Harmony + Philips Hue, Discussions, Last year https://www.google.com/#q=Harmony+philips+hue&tbm=dsc&tbs=qdr:y

fcwilt 10-24-2013 09:07 AM

Don't know your budget but you should check out Elan g!


to get an idea of what can be done.

The have a very nice remote that uses WiFi that can control (with the proper equipment and configuration) your A/V gear, Lights (and related items), Thermostats and Security system.

Example: In my home theater when you press the power button on the remote it turns on all of the needed A/V gear, brings up the lights and turns the thermostat down (seats nine - people, projector generate heat). The projector takes awhile to warm up and when it is ready it signals the system which then opens the curtains covering the screen. There is an option to "sync" the lights with the mode of the DVD/BD/media players. Press Play and the lights go down, press Pause and the lights come up a bit - that sort of thing.

Since it is a "home automation" system I can control all of this from any computer, table, in-wall touch screen throughout the house and on the road via cell phone or other remote connection.

There are other systems that can do the same sort of things.

Highly recommended.

adk highlander 10-25-2013 11:37 AM

URC offers a line of Lutron dimmers and switches that work seamlessly with their remote controls.

For the remote's themselves I would look at the MX-780 or MX-890 ($250-$500) but make sure to go with an authorized dealer for warranty and to obtain the software (surfremote).

A standard RF base station like the MRF-350 will convert the RF signal to IR and the gear via flashers. If you want more control (video sensors, voltage sensors, triggers, RS-232) then go with the MSC-400. ($150-$400)

The Lutron dimmers specific to URC will always have URC in the model number. If it does not have URC then it will not work with a URC remote. (ex: MRFA-600M-URC-WH) These will run from $120 up unless you find a really good deal.

Not really sure what your budget is but that will put you around $650+ depending on which base station and remote you choose. One thing to note is that the software is not wizard based like Harmony so any activities will need to be made by you the programmer or you could hire a pro. I have used URC products for years and they are tough and extremely reliable once programmed correctly.

To me having a well programmed system really adds to the movie experience and has a very high WAF.

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