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tkarns24 10-24-2019 05:51 PM

Home automation help needed
Hey folks,

A few years back I purchased a home and did a full remodel and turned the home into a very smart home. Here is the list of items I had set up: HAI Security Panel/UPB Lighting/Zigbee locks/URC CCP Home Theater/HAI thermostat/ WHA with NUVO/IRRIGATION control. loved what i could do with the plain text programming with this system. very eassy for a non-tech person. Since then we have sold that house and relocated to Dallas. We are currently renting ,but would like to purchase a home soon. That being said I still want to setup simple home automation items in my current space that has the ability to grow with me.

I am looking some advice around this issue.
I have a veraplus controller able to manage: zwave/zigbee/wifi and bluetooth. I have it controlling some lighting and door/window sensor

Unfortunately Vera does not appear to fully support UPnP and IoT devices without using various plugins to achieve 2way reliable feedback connectivity. While I do not mind the plugins and the integration they provide I would say that Vera system are probably not the all inclusive system some say it is, plugins often don't work,very little in terms of tutorial or any updated documentation about how to get it to do anything. That being said I did finally get the SONOS plugin to work after a lot of effort and support from Vera

I would like to know what others are using to connect various WiFi/IoT devices that can maybe interface with Veraplus like controller. I have considered Home Assistant/OpenHab/Homeseer/Castle OS/ and other semi diy systems. I have the ability to run the majority of the software packages on my Synology NAS server and I can attach radios that support Z wave /Zigbee/Bluetooth/Ir/RF systems. I am also open to maybe getting a different controller like the vera.

For all my home theather device and IoT i have ruled out Logitech Harmony hubs because i want the 2 way feedback and from the best of my knowledge does not allow for that.

As one can assume based on my short list controller software that I want to keep everything local and not have items in the cloud and that would be correct.

stevestms 10-25-2019 11:15 AM

For home theater control consider URC MX Home Pro or Total Control. Both are 2-way with select devices. You’ll need a dealer to setup your account and access to web site for MX Home Pro or TC Editor.

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