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onyaw 11-09-2019 07:47 AM

Crestron Mobile Pro G device transfer
Hi all,

I have Crestron Mobile Pro G on an ancient iPad (gen 1 or 2) and am trying to connect to our home audio system with a new iPad. The old one still works and gets the manifest from the system, not local but I am afraid the iPad is dying. Our previous AV vendors several years ago installed the app on there somehow from their account as a courtesy. But they have been nonresponsive lately and the other vendors I contacted don't do Crestron.

I see now that Mobile Pro G is considered obsolete and now people use Crestron App for iPad. I downloaded that on the new iPad but it seems the configuration settings are different it can't connect. It looks like I would need to reconfigure our Crestron system with toolbox software to do that - correct? - but I don't have toolbox (I would if I could...).

So I downloaded the free Crestron Mobile G onto my new iPad, entered the exact config info from my old iPad, but when connecting it said something like 'the free app does not support this project.' I assume this means the manifest file is still in the system.

I did pull the manifest.xml file from the old iPad but don't know what if anything I can do with that.

Crestron Mobile Pro G is a crummy app that costs $100. I will obviously buy it if there is a good chance this will work but would love to hear some kind of confirmation from an expert before I do.

Thanks this newbie needs some help!

AV_Integrated 11-11-2019 04:04 PM

It will work.

Okay, I can give you more details, but you really don't need them.

You should go out of your way to contact the original installer and get your original source code from them. Make sure it is the EDITABLE source code with no passwords preventing you from getting a third party to edit the code. Especially if they are proving to be difficult to get in touch with.

That said, the new Crestron for iPad app follows a completely different protocol than the Crestron Mobile Pro G app that was out there.

The apps do cost $100, but that's a steal compared to what Crestron would charge if you actually purchased any of their panels brand new.

It is stupid when dealers 'give' you the app. It's just a sign that they don't know what they are really doing. You buy the iPad, you buy the app, then you own knowing your password and login information. Plus, you can install it on several iPads without issue or needing to re-buy it again. When our company sells a client an iPad, I create a new account for them and give the client their login information for the iPad so they can add/replace the unit later on easily.

So, get Crestron Mobile Pro G for your new iPad and you should be good to go. I have both on my iPad Air and it works fine.

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