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User1982 05-19-2019 12:12 PM

Sony upscaling to 4K from SD
I have Sony OLED KD65AF8 TV connected to PC via HDMI The OS is Windows 10 with 1080p resolution and my Graphics card does not support 4K. After i load Windows i see that the resolution is automatically changed to 4K.
I have also connected via HDMI decoder fo free to air TV - DVB/T decoder set at 1080i FHD resolution BUT the Sony does not upscale to 4K. It`s still 1080i and the image is blurry. I know that the reason may be that the signal at too low quality like 240p or 380p. Also the free TV antenna is old.
That is why i am asking here.
1 Sony boast that "BRAVIA 4K Processors - Upscale everything you watch to 4K Ultra HD"
2 If i buy new antena like
And new decoder like
Do i have a chance to watch upscaled in 4K? Because it is a lot of money and i need an opinion before to buy something.
Also the TV has an image burn. You can see it on the link

How do you think. Is it normally to get bigger and worst or i can hope that it will stay like that?

Coercion Shaman 05-20-2019 05:46 AM

Everything you see on the TV is upscaled to 4K. That is all it will display. It doesn't have a variable resolution.

The 1080i shows the resolution the TV is receiving. It then, as stated before, is upscaling it. If you give it a poor feed, it can only do it's best to upscale. Nothing coming in at 480p is going to upscale well on any television. And your decoder is already upscaling to 1080i by your settings and may be doing a very poor job. Let it send the native signal it receives and see if the TV doesn't do a better job than what you have now.

Windows 10 desktop UI will default to 4K when it sees the TV resolution. Windows 10 will also support 4K (and 8K, I believe) video. If you manually set it to run at 1080p, the TV will do an upscale. This shouldn't be an issue unless you are running a game that your card can't handle.

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