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Carl Christianson 06-19-2019 09:21 AM

sharp lc-50lb150u no sound
Hello, so due to some, um, circumstances (aka my kids) and flat screens being easy to break. I've been on a journey to find a LCD/LED tv to replace the one that was broken for super cheap (possibly free). Part of this is because I'm cheap, but also I like to tinker in general and I have a smaller replacement tv in place for now.

So on to the question. I grabbed a sharp lc-50lb150u, that someone literally threw away. I figure I'd just see what's up with it. So I fire it up and the picture is flawless. But, I have no sound.

I don't have a remote, but I do have an old HTC phone that has an IR blaster so I used the anyremote app and put a mostly compatible sharp remote on it. ( it works for everything except the service mode button doesn't work).

I go into the menu on the tv and I see that under sound the speakers are set to "off". BUT it's greyed out, I can't select it to toggle it back to on.
I tried to reset the sound options, I toggled the digital setting between dolby and pcm. I also did a factory reset. No change. It acts almost like headphones are plugged in, so I plugged in some headphones to the headphone jack. No sound there either.

The only thing I haven't tried is the digital out because I need to locate an audio device to connect to that.

I looked on sharp's website, looking for a firmware update as I figured maybe that would fix it. But there are no firmware updates listed on their site to download for this tv.

Any suggestions?

markrubin 06-19-2019 09:36 AM

interesting: not sure I can help but you can download the manual here:


on page 46, it shows how to set the audio output

Carl Christianson 06-19-2019 10:12 AM

Hey thx but i had looked at the manual. all that really says is how to navigate the options. notice how in the manual the speakers say "on". be helpful if there was something that.
I did look at page 72 in the manual under troubleshooting.
which says for good picture, no sound.
  • • Increase the volume.
    • Make sure that the sound is not
    • Make sure that you do not have
    headphones connected. When
    headphones are connected, no
    sound comes from the TV

    • Make sure that the correct
    audio mode is selected.
    • Make sure that the audio cables
    are connected correctly and
    securely to your TV.
    • Make sure that the antenna or
    cable TV is connected correctly
    and securely. See “Connecting a
    cable or satellite box” on
    page 14 or “Connecting an
    antenna or cable TV (no box)”
    on page 19.
    • If you are using an antenna, the
    digital channel signal may be
    low. To check the digital
    channel signal strength, see
    “Checking the digital signal
    strength” on page 50.
    • The audio cable(s) you are using
    may be bad. Try a new set.
Obviously i made sure the volume was up and it was not muted. The bolded seemed really relevant but no sound comes out of the headphone jack. Anyhoo if anyone has a suggestion i'm all ears...

markrubin 06-19-2019 10:20 AM

in your photo the speaker is set to off and you said the selection was greyed out:
page 46 shows a different screen for audio out selection: I think you need to look there

Carl Christianson 06-19-2019 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by markrubin (Post 58202158)
in your photo the speaker is set to off and you said the selection was greyed out:
page 46 shows a different screen for audio out selection: I think you need to look there

so i did look at that page. a few things. it's mainly about choosing what kind of device you have plugged into the audio out/headphone port. The other interesting thing is it indicates that when you plug something into that port while the TV is on that a window should pop up to choose what device is plugged in.

I do not get any window popping up when I plug in my headphones. Also selecting any of the options in there results in no change. It's definitely baffeling. I dunno if there is a service mode that could get it unstuck? Haven't been able to get it into a service mode as of yet with my IR blaster phone, and don't have the actual remote.

Carl Christianson 06-20-2019 09:53 AM

I have sound now!
So. I am completely unable to toggle the internal speakers to work and I've read the manual, reset the tv back to factory a few times, reset the sound settings to factory a few times. Cursed at it a few times, etc.

BUT. The optical out works just fine. I hooked it into my Harmon Kardon A/V receiver and the sound is just fine that way. I am fairly convinced that the tv needs a firmware update to fix this issue, but this panel is circa 2012/13 and Sharp has zero firmware downloads for it on their site.

Would be nice to figure out why the internal speakers can't be made to work, but at this point I'm just resurrecting my a/v reciever for the sound. It wasn't my first option as this receiver is pretty old, predates HDMI, but it with the klipsch speakers I have it sounds pretty awesome.
thx all.

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