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quakerj 12-02-2019 05:49 PM

Best 43" 4K/HDR for computer & movie use?
I'm very much on the fence about purchasing a Vizio M437-G0 for my bedroom. This screen will primarily be used as a computer monitor AND for playing movies at night by the bedside (approx 6-8 ft. away).

I'm questioning Vizio because I purchased a V436-G1 and after a firmware update it no longer displays chroma 4:4:4 correctly. I had to create a custom resolution on my PC to get it working again (a poor workaround), but overall I'm just not impressed with the display, especially in HDR there is a terribly crosshatch pattern when viewed on the PC, I have read this is because it's an 8-bit panel that uses techniques at the subpixel level to "create" 10-bit color. The loss of 4:4:4 is a deal breaker, so the TV is going back.

The M437-G0 on the other hand has a native 10-bit panel (according to displayspecifications.com) and all the features I want, and picture quality should be improved over the V-series. What is questionable is whether or not I will lose 4:4:4 after the first firmware update, then having to do the workaround which doesn't stick if you ever change video modes, so I'm constantly fussing with it to maintain readable text at 4k resolution. I have the option of leaving the internet disconnected to deter firmware updates until Vizio [hopefully] fixes this problem, but that's a huge gamble, and I'd like the Apple Airplay 2 functionality that the new firmware update introduces.

So perhaps I should go a whole 'nother direction and avoid the Vizio problems entirely? Please, if anyone could suggest brand/models that would perform well in a bedroom (typically at night) environment with a lot of PC-computer use, I would be grateful!! I don't mind spending money on something nice-- I could probably fit up to a 49" screen, but 43" is far more practical because of desk space.

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