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Any experience with this Monoprice HDMI switch?

I have a super nasty lashup in my bedroom; I have to admit I'm mostly an audio guy and have a soft spot for interesting vintage stuff. Components are:

- Verizon FiOS cable box
- Roku streaming stick
- Oppo BDP-105
- Sansui QRX-7001 quadraphonic receiver
- Dual 1229Q turntable
- Older Sony 42" LCD TV

So what I'm doing is, the cable box is plugged into the rear HDMI input of the Oppo; the Roku is hanging off the front. The Oppo is set up for a 5.1 system with the sub and center channel deleted (because there's only room for four speakers in the bedroom anyway, and, well, the big Sui is pretty bada$$). The analog audio outs (well, four of them) of the Oppo go to the aux in of the Sansui; the HDMI output goes to the display. The whole mess is controlled by an AR Xsight Color. It actually works shockingly well and allows for watching multi-channel programming while still satisfying my need to be exceptionally contrary (and also listen to quadraphonic LPs or tapes, although I think if I moved the big quad reel to reel into the bedroom both I and the R2R might end up sleeping on the porch.) Literally indistinguishable funtionally from the "real" AV setup in the living room other than you have to get up and turn a knob to adjust volume in operation, and I have to admit that the soothing green glow and silver faceplate of the QRX is more appealing to my senses than a nondescript black box with a blue VFD. (now if I could ever get my Marantz 4270 fixed, or trade up to a QRX-9001, and rig something using the wired accessory remote connection and some custom bits to allow IR control of volume, that would complete this whole "vintage surround" system, but that's another speculation for another time, and I'm guessing outside the realm of interest for many readers of this forum.)

I used to use a Psyclone PSC-47 HDMI switch although it's never worked completely right; even when I first got it (used, because it was already discontinued at the time) the display was flaky, and after a couple years of use it started to introduce jaggies into the picture (I know it's the Psyclone because the picture is just fine with the current setup). I would like to go back to using an IR controllable HDMI switch for several reasons; first, I don't like the Roku hanging out of the front of the Oppo because I'm afraid that someone will bump it and damage either the Roku or the Oppo (the latter being irreplaceable now, given the way I'm using it and the fact that Oppo is out of the disc spinner business) and second, the current setup limits me to only two video sources.

The sticky bit seems to be that most HDMI switches are auto-switching, which doesn't really work that well with this setup because that means I can't guarantee what input it will settle on when I power up the whole mess, and I really am trying to make this whole thing work seamlessly. I would ideally like something that is a) relatively modern and capable of passing a 4K signal for future-proofing b) either not auto-switching or capable of having the auto-switching feature disabled and c) has discrete IR commands to directly command the unit to switch to a certain input. Desirable but not necessary would be the ability to use ARC to pass back audio from the TV but a) I don't have an antenna hooked up and b) I've never actually tried anyway to see if the Oppo would handle that audio correctly.

This is the first unit that I've seen that appears to check all the boxes (the ability to disable auto-switching being the hangup with most products I've seen.) I would rather it be a component sized unit like the Psyclone so that I could stack everything all together (it looked really good previously, I had the Sansui on the bottom, then Psyclone, then Oppo, then the Dual on top of that - the Sansui is so deep that the cooling grille for the amp section actually was free to breathe because it was so much deeper than the other components) but I can work around that by making a stand to hold the switch vertically or something. Other than that minor quibble it appears ideal.

My question is, however, I do have some trepidation about dropping $70 on a Monoprice product - has anyone used it and have you had any issues with it? (FWIW I am using a Monoprice Redmere HDMI cable to connect the Oppo and the display as the gear is on a side wall and the cable needs to go over a doorway as well, and it is working fine with no issues 5 years later. I abhor some Monoprice stuff, like their audio interconnects, but some of their stuff seems to be really good.)

Thanks for any input on this, or recommendations for alternate products that will accomplish the task at hand.
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