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Originally Posted by Out-Of-Phase View Post
Words of Wisdom for pjp: Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Google is such a wonderful friend...

Those are words of wisdom in the abstract. However, on a forum whose entire purpose is for people to help other people, so that we all learn more, it's an irrelevant load of crap. If you have answers, share them. If your only contribution is to say to search for an answer, don't waste our time.
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Originally Posted by nathan_h View Post
I would get a which has two channels of amplification and built in EQ, optical input, and USB..
Looks like a viable option if the box size is OK, at a reasonable price, plus it has three five extra bonus amp channels in case you want them down the road. Or maybe a Denon DRA-800H?

In A/V reproduction accuracy, there IS no concept of "accounting for personal taste/preference". As art consumers we don't "pick" the level of bass, nor the tint/brightness of a scene's sky, any more than we pick the ending of a novel or Mona Lisa's type of smile. "High fidelity" means "high truthfulness", faithful to the original artist's intent: an unmodified, neutral, accurate copy of the original master, ideally being exact and with no discernable alterations, aka "transparency".

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"If you have answers, share them."

I did share them. If you have any objective scientific facts, share them.

"If your only contribution is to say to search for an answer, don't waste our time."

I see you're triggered easily. If your only contribution is to continuously repeat subjective myths, don't waste our time.

Save your money.

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I work in ar audio industry and talk to reps and a lot of them are just as annoyed by this as customers because they have to deal with angry customers who cant figure out why the f pioneer(for example) spends time on dolphin animations instead of full 3 way crossover or 10 band eq even though the reps know for a fact that nobody cares about dolphin animations....

company does that so they can sell more products
they create crippled models that leave people wanting to buy more
it literally costs them more to engineer lower models by taking out features .
just like cars the flagship model gets created frist then the cheaper ones are created by removing the features and makind it dumber and uglier so they can charge more money for the flagship model

DSP(as the name implies) in most units is nothing more than software processing since its a digital signal (data, ones and zeros) no extra circuit needed.. just software.
in older units it was a separate circuit since it had to be converted to digital from analog input.
in a digital amplifier which already has a cpu its just software.
the reason why most of them don't have DSP is because they are too damn cheap and use the slowest processor possible
that's why people have issues with decoding flac on flac capable units because the processor cant keep up with everything so it sacrifices decoding quality to keep up with the track without skipping. that's why people hear difference when they listen to wav on same unit because wav is uncompressed and requires minimum processing power

they don't sell what customers want.
they spend millions on consumer research and come up with ways to increase profits while giving customers things that are just short of full satisfaction so we go out and spend more money later.

in car industry it gives them enough time to come up with new designs
if they release all the good sht today they would have to work really really hard to impress customers tomorrow.
if they make it look like the features you are buying are something that is worth extra money to make then they will continue to sell you features that cost them nothing and add pure profit to their company .
do you really think alpine bass engine is different from 10 years ago ? its a piece of software that they load on units depending on the price.
so they charge extra 150 bucks for you to have time alignment and 3 way crossover instead of 2 way.

I study psychology and worked in retail for some time. many people don't realize how often and how skillfully they get hustled by trained salesmen who are trained using the best psychology information available...
even best buy 15 years ago had a booklet for every salesman on how to deal with different type of customers and how to appeal to their personality to make them buy something...

so anyway. I love psychology got carried away..

I know the reason why we don't have fully featured integrated digital amp with dsp is because people assume that it will be ridiculously expensive and they cant afford it anyway so they don't ask.
and companies are still happy to sell them HT receivers because the minimalistic trend is just picking up speed and most people don't know enough about audio to realize that its just a piece of software...
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