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quamosa 07-17-2013 12:13 AM

Throne Room Theater
I've been lurking this site for many years and I have finally decided to start my first theater build ever. I have never done any kind of building before so I am learning a lot and enjoying the process. I have been in my home for 10 years now. I started finishing the basement myself by framing it all up how I wanted it, then I hired out drywall, plumbing and electrical. For the drywall I only opted to finish half of the basement because I was still deciding what I was going to do with the other half. I eventually decided after going through a few different designs that I would turn the other half into a theater with bar. I ended up redoing all of the electrical for the theater half as my design evolved. Unfortunately my impatience has caused me to implement my design without checking in with fellow AVSers. I'm starting this thread at this point where I have started to drywall the theater. This is a budget build since I am finishing the entire basement. I'm not going all out crazy but wanted to create an enjoyable multi-use split level space. I have a 7.3 surround sound system up and running with smurf tubes in place to go up to 11.3 when I'm ready. Screen size will be 120" 16:9. My projector is the Panny AE8000U. Grey/Translucent 6 zone Grafik eye arrives tomorrow. More pictures and info to follow....

Equipment List (10/11/16)

* Theater
Projector: Panasonic PT-AE8000U
Screen: 120" Elite Cinegray 5D
Video: Darbee Darblet
Denon AVR-X6200W
Behringer iNuke 1000
Yung SD200-6 200W Class D Subwoofer amp (blown)
Sounds: Acoustic Audio 7.1 Bundle
Fronts: 2 Acoustic Audio HD-800 in walls in custom tower
Center: Acoustic Audio HD-6c Center Channel in custom box
Surround: 2 Acoustic Audio HD-800 in walls
Rear Surrounds (L and R): 2 Acoustic Audio HD8 in walls
Front Subs: Infinity Kappa Perfect 10 in ported box, 2 Acoustic Audio HDS10 10” subs in custom tower
Mid/Rear Sub: Acoustic Audio HD-SUB15-MAPLE 15" rear ported sub
Heights: 4 Russound RSA-63 6-1/2" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker (2 Pairs)
Lighting: Grafik Eye 3100 (6 zone)
Tactile Response: 4 Dayton Audio TT25-16 PUCKs
Remote Controls: 3 Acoustic Research ARRX18G, 2 RF extenders, Raspberry Pi 2B
Gaming: Xbox one w/ Kinect, PS3, PS1, OG Xbox, Xbox ONE, Dreamcast, Genesis, Sega Master System, Nintendo 1, Atari 2600, Amiga 2000
* Rec Room
Video: Samsung 55" KU6290
BXAUDIO4x4 Xantech 4 zone control and keypads
2 Dayton Audio Shadow SS83S sound square satellite / 10" in wall sub
3 Dayton Audio CS620EC 6-1/2" 2-Way enclosed in ceilings

Current (2/17/16):

Tedd 07-17-2013 02:36 AM

Looks very nice.

Will you be using horns or compression driver speakers up front, due to the length?

Those lighter side panels should be darker. If that is a woven AT screen. then light comes off the screen everything, and you want the walls, floor, and ceiling
to capture that stray light and prevent it reflecting back onto the screen. otherwise, your contrast ratio suffers.

quamosa 07-18-2013 11:42 PM

Grafik eye came in yesterday. Exciting. Its not as dark of a grey as I thought it would be but still giddy about it.

I thought dark drey would look the best with purple walls. My wife helped me decide on purple. I wanted dark drey but thought it would be too boring and safe. Plus they painted the walls at work a dark purplish color.

I kinda like it. I'll probably go with a less saturated more blue-ish gray-ish purple though. I've been drywalling my soffit the past few days with left over drywall from when the other half of the basement was drywalled. There were a ton of really good scraps in there. My soffit goes all around the room. Its dimensions are 10inx10in.

I didn't want to go larger with the soffit because I already sacrifice a bit of head room by raising the rear half of the theater 6 inches. I think its size suits the 3" lights I installed along it just fine though. I installed one 6" vent in the front soffit, one 4" vent on either side of the riser, a 4" vent in the rear riser and a return in the rear ceiling. The projector goes in the middle soffit.

The middle soffit is 24" wide to accommodate the width of the projector. The soffit adjacent to the AV closet is almost 25" to accommodate an I beam span.

I hope to put in the Grafik Eye this weekend and I hope it fits. I have a lot of wires in that 4 gang metal box.

I might also be tempted to do some drywalling of the front theater walls so I can get to building the screen wall but I know I can only really finish one of those tasks. Once I get started on the wall and front stage I plan on ordering a Da-Lite High contrast High Power screen to help with ambient light viewing when needed. OK, sorry for the thesis paper. I'll be less winded as I get more busy with this project!

quamosa 07-19-2013 12:22 AM

Thanks Tedd! I think maybe my pics from my last post answer most of your questions. What do you think of the darkness of the purple wall in my picture? The ceiling will be flat black. Carpet a really dark blue. For the sound, I'm just starting off with regular run of the mill "white van" in-wall cone speakers. I think they actually sound really good though! I wanted to go with a hidden speaker look. The walls will just be drywall but the burgundy panels you see will be acoustic. I am hiding the surround speakers behind 4 of the red acoustic panels and the front speakers behind the screen wall. You can see the speakers in the pics. I created insulated boxes for all of the in walls to help with the bass reproduction. I have a pair of 8" inch 2 way round speakers in the very rear of the theater, a pair of 2 way 8" rectangular inwalls on the sides, a pair of 10 inch inwall subs, center channel, and a pair of boxed 8" rectangular in walls sitting on the stage. I also have a 15" ported powered subwoofer hidden in the AV closet. The total theater length is about 29 feet. Rear bar seating is between 25 feet and 29 feet. Rear half wall bar seating is at 22 feet. Rear row is at 17 feet. Front row is at 11 feet. I really want to do an AT screen but I also want high gain and found that I couldnt have both.

quamosa 07-22-2013 10:52 PM

Finally got some drywall up on the walls!

I initially opted out of going for a strong soundproof design since the rooms above the theater are a dining room and a 2nd family room. As a result, I built my soffits before sealing the room with drywall and I also didnt want to lose any precious space by double drywalling, staggered wall, or by using clips. I did fill every nook and cranny with ample sized insulation and I still intend to fill drywall gaps with caulk. Caulking could be a waste of time but it just makes me feel better inside. rolleyes.gif I also modified my utility cabinet design.

I shortened the width by 2 inches to give me more space to drywall the right corner. As I did this I realized the door for the circuit breaker panel was too tall to allow full access while my screen is flipped up. I always planned for my screen to be hinged for utility panel access like kjlewie's. I got a lot of good ideas from trolling his build thread last year! I shortened the panel door so now it can swing open wide enough when the screen is flipped.

Didnt get a chance to hook up the Grafik Eye.. maybe I will sneak down to the basement tomorrow after work to give it a try before starting the upstairs kitchen floor vinyl planking project with the wife. I'll also spend some time studying my zoning chart. I am starting with 6 zones and eventually will grow to 12 zones with another 6 zone Grafik eye. My tentative zones are:

Now ---
Zone 1 - screen wash
Zone 2 - 5 sconces
Zone 3 - 8 3 inch bronze gumballs
Zone 4 - riser and steps led strips
Zone 5 - soffit led strips
Zone 6 - av rack light

Future ---
Zone 7 - bar and half wall led strips
Zone 8 - 6 inch can for kitchen/recessed cabinets
Zone 9 - 3 bar pendants
Zone 10 - 2 6 inch rear cans
Zone 11 - ??? gotta find my chart
Zone 12 - ??? where's that chart?

quamosa 07-24-2013 11:41 PM

Grafik Eye install tonight was a success!

I connected only 3 zones for now.
zone 1 - front lights, rear lights, bar pendants
zone 2 - sconces
zone 3 - screen wash

Tomorrow I may run 3 romex through the smurf tube which goes from the AV rack to the Grafik eye for:
zone 4 - soffit led's
zone 5 - step, half wall, and bar led's
zone 6 - av rack light, wet bar/recessed cabinets light

Eventually in the future when I get the second Grafik Eye which will go outside of the Av rack, I will split up some of these combined zones into individual ones.
Now I need to order a Grafik eye remote control.

I have 2 RGB strip lights that I plan to eventually wrap around my screen. Wish I could zone it to the Grafik Eye but I would need one of those DMX controllers. However I dont think the effect is worth the effort or money. I will just use the remote control that came with it I guess. If anyone has a setup like this please let me know how you are controlling the RGB without the remote!

Played around with the first reflections tool. I think my wall panels will cover most of those reflections assuming the tool is accurate.

Added the rest of my basement to my theater render.

I have 2 in wall satellite speakers and in wall sub for the pool table, another set of the same for the flat screen, another set in the bathroom, and also in the very last room in the back. I'll need volume controls and ab switches for these things as well as a multi-zone amp. I got all the smurf tubes and speaker wires run. Just need to install the speakers and get another amp to run all of them. Not sure of the most economical way to do this yet. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Getting more drywall tomorrow night... hopefully I can put a big dent in the drywall work for the theater this weekend.

quamosa 07-30-2013 12:58 AM

Drywalled the ceilings...

Swervepf 07-30-2013 06:15 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Envious of your progress. It's looking good so far. Keep up the good work!

Mfusick 07-30-2013 06:17 PM

You must be posting the pictures with AVS mobile from your phone ??

The pictures are much smaller when you do it that way then when you do it from the PC.


This is from my desktop (I emailed the picture from my iphone to myself)

Mfusick 07-30-2013 06:19 PM

From my iPhone

same exact picture only difference is I posted from AVS mobile on my phone directly versus emailed the picture to myself and posted from my PC.

marlon1925 07-31-2013 02:28 AM

sorry newbie here, how do you call the material you put in between the forms/frames and the dry wall?

DGF 07-31-2013 05:26 PM

Originally Posted by marlon1925 View Post

sorry newbie here, how do you call the material you put in between the forms/frames and the dry wall?

...are you talking about the pink fiberglass insulation or the denser, brown colored insulation?

quamosa 08-03-2013 08:19 AM

Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

You must be posting the pictures with AVS mobile from your phone ??

The pictures are much smaller when you do it that way then when you do it from the PC.


This is from my desktop (I emailed the picture from my iphone to myself)

Good morning mfusick. What I do is take the pictures with my phone then upload them directly to my PC hard drive. When I add the pictures to my post I do it through my laptop. When adding the pictures, I get the option to selection small, medium, and large size. I usually select small to medium so as not to take up space on the screen and maybe help speed up the viewing of the posts. When I click on the pictures I get to see the original large size. Are you able to see a bigger version that way?

quamosa 08-03-2013 08:28 AM

Originally Posted by marlon1925 View Post

sorry newbie here, how do you call the material you put in between the forms/frames and the dry wall?

I'm sort of a newb myself! I'm using Roxul Safe n Sound insulation.. the brown stuff on my interior walls. When I ran out of that, I just stuffed in the Home Depot Pink Panther insulation for 3.5 inch deep walls. I also used "Pink Panther" in the outside walls and a little in the ceilings to fill in tough spaces. 95% of the ceiling I used the 13 inch "sound control" white insulation (JVM or whatever) you get from Lowes. I filled in EVERY gap and just about every space I could. Twas a very itchy few weeks for me. biggrin.gif I am pleased with the results. My wife noticed the difference in sound as well. She can barely hear me yelling back at her from the theater room to the first floor. Its pretty quiet in the room as well.

quamosa 08-03-2013 08:32 AM

Originally Posted by Swervepf View Post

Envious of your progress. It's looking good so far. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! Boy am I tired but seeing the end from the beginning energizes me. More drywall today. I've been drywalling like crazy the past few weeks. My fingers are numb but should wrap this stage up soon. If I had gone through as much preparation as you are I would probably still be framing right now. I'm too impatient. hah Will add more pics at some point.

Swervepf 08-13-2013 09:40 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Originally Posted by quamosa View Post

If I had gone through as much preparation as you are I would probably still be framing right now.

I thought I was done with framing too but, I just determined my south wall which backs onto a staircase wouldn't be sufficiently isolated with just clips, channel, DD&GG, so am framing another wall in front for complete decoupling now. Staircases are apparently excellent conductors, so I need to backtrack a little right now. Dying to get onto clips and channel so I can start drywalling already.

quamosa 08-20-2013 09:51 PM

Speaking of under the stairs... I drywalled half of it but the other half was blocked by our ADT security main panel. Lost the key to the panel, they are coming tomorrow to replace it so I can put drywall up behind it. I was concerned about sound traveling from there so I made sure to use as much Roxul as I could on both sides of the stair well. On the other side I have a staggered stud wall with regular insulation which will have a flat screen and inwall 8 inch sub on the other side of it. Hopefully sound from the TV wont travel into the theater area on the other side and vice versa.

Here is the side of the stairs closet which borders the left side of the theater, the other side which you cant see has the security panel:

I havent updated much since I went on 2 vacations. My fingers are just healing from the numbness since I went crazy drywalling in the past weeks.I finished the theater room and AV closet and have started moving out of the theater room to finish up the rest of the basement. Here are some pics.

quamosa 08-20-2013 10:10 PM

Pics of the AV closet...

Utility box I built with 2 wall outlets (15AMP and 20AMP circuits)
This box houses the sub plate amp for the subs on the screen wall as well as the LED dimming modules and anything else I might need in the future.
(Eventually will install another plate amp above the other amp for the puck bass shakers I got)

AV closet entrance
Been thinking about buying a star ceiling module to install on that wall in the entrance then passing the fiber through the upper soffit to the ceiling... hmmm

Smurf and Orange Tube farm at the top of the AV rack

quamosa 08-20-2013 10:16 PM

Random basement pics..

quamosa 09-18-2013 06:12 PM

Ok, been behind on posting and took a week off to relax for my new job which I started on Monday. Anyhow, I spent most of the week finishing up the rest of the basement drywall. Definitely going to contract out the drywall finishing. I will never be done with this project if I try doing it all myself! I made some modifications to the bathroom and put up some green board on the ceiling. I realized after the fact that I had faced insulation up there as well I didn't need to green board the ceiling outside of the shower! Ah well more moisture protection I guess. I also guess I will need to pull out that insulation, remove the facing then slide it back in as good as I can??

I noticed the shower walls weren't glued and weren't properly fortified with enough studs by the guys who did the plumbing years ago so I removed the shower and added in the extra studs. Will glue the panels back on after installing the 4 inch IC trim recessed wet location LED I bought this weekend. I had to move(curve!) the upstairs kitchen sink waste water pvc a little to the right so I could center the old work recessed light in the shower ceiling. A minor inconvenience for style.

Here are some gratuitous pics of my progress... soon I will finally get back to the theater after I get a few estimates on the drywall finishing. Next up will be the stage and bar plywood paneling! I cant wait.

Linen closet for bathroom in the hallway outside the bathroom

Closet under the stairs.. drywalling it turned out pretty good except for the goof I made on the ceiling part... adding in the bottom vertical wall now to meet the floor and square out the closet.

Closet ceiling goof! DOH! Can I cover up that square hole with expanding foam and glue in a small drywall piece? Also can the drywall finishers make a sharp joint out of that drywall overlap or is there something more I need to do to fix that up first?? Anyone?

More drywall done in the main area back wall and window where pool table will be. Yay!

Need to move the bathroom vanity rough in over to the right another 20 inches! Decided late in the game to go with a 48 inch sink. Previously was going to add a linen closet and a 24 inch sink. Moved the linen closet directly outside the bathroom door.

Shower needed more studs! And needs to be glued!

Last minute game decision on the shower arch.. I think it will turn out nice! The bathroom was so vanilla boring without it.

That light fixture in the shower I am replacing with the 4 inch old work IC recessed wet location LED I referred to above...

Bathroom ceiling.. green board not necessary??! Centered the vanity light electric box for a 48 inch vanity.

quamosa 10-01-2013 11:09 PM

Almost finished with the bathroom drywall. Got a call the other day with estimate for mudding/taping. Hopefully I will remember to call back tomorrow. I want to get the mudding taping for the basement knocked out. I will want to have the theater mudded and taped first so I can finally get back into the theater room. Still need to build the stage, screen wall, plywood the bars, and build the in wall cabinets. In the meanwhile will probably also finish ordering and running speaker wires thru the smurf tubes and installing speakers to the 3 areas outside of the theater.

Shower's looking slick.. and not so boring anymore! I've even identified a nice place on the wall adjacent to the shower and toilet where I can fit a nice in wall monitor just above the in wall speakers... hmm

quamosa 10-01-2013 11:39 PM

More last minute finish mods to my basement plan...

Thundersnow 10-01-2013 11:49 PM

Your basement and theater are looking good.
I'm also in the process of finishing my basement and building a theater. I think I'm going to copy you and build a shower door arch.

quamosa 10-04-2013 04:29 PM

Originally Posted by Thundersnow View Post

Your basement and theater are looking good.
I'm also in the process of finishing my basement and building a theater. I think I'm going to copy you and build a shower door arch.

Thanks! I'm having a fun time working on it all. The arch really makes a huge difference in the looks of what was a pretty ordinary basement bathroom. I used a pre fab arch and it worked out well. Are you doing all the work yourself? I'd like to check out what you have been working on.

quamosa 11-07-2013 10:01 PM

Updates have been really slow... been very busy but I have stayed the course! So far I've gotten all the corner beads up for the entire basement including theater room and fixed all of my "very few" drywalling goofs.

I should receive my 3rd estimate for mud, tape, sanding, and primer by tomorrow. If I ever build soffits again, I WILL use metal stud tracks! Big box wooden studs are not very studly.biggrin.gif Shims are the true heroes by the way. haha

I'm guessing I will wait for the wall behind the screen to be mudded and primered before starting to finish building the stage?? Does it matter?

I'm sure I will regret not lining my theater soffits with plywood when it comes to hanging the trim for the led tape lights. My stud finder will be my best friend. I will probably ask the drywall finisher to mark off the studs for me somehow.

I started boxing in the windows with pine boards and sanded plywood just to see if I could manage it with my circular saw. Not bad and almost perfect but I goofed on the cut for the top panel of the first window box I made. Will need to fix then secure at some point.

quamosa 12-22-2013 09:03 PM

Its the most wonderful time of the year! smile.gif Since Christmas is only a few days away... I will just say Happy Holidays avsforum!

Lots of non build stuff has gone on since my last post. Left one job to another one which was cut short a month later. Then was out of work for about a month and I just started a new job 3 weeks ago. Just getting back on track. Drywall finisher is going to start tentatively around January 10th or so.... will keep posted of the progress.

We got a Wii U for the kids as a one big gift that will be put to very good use once the basement is finished. I also have an old broken PS3 YLOD mad.gif and a newer working one thanks to my sis. All gaming will be moved to the basement in due time. My wife and I planned instead of getting separate gifts, we would combine and get a new 55" LED for the living room. I was trying to finagle a new LED also for the basement but did not work out. Maybe later in the year when the carpet goes in, I will be able to fully convince her that our huge Mitsubishi 65" FAT BACK rear projection will be an absolute eyesore and danger to kids running around in the basement. We'll have to quickly invest in another LED for safety's sake. cool.gif Besides I already marked off a 55" rectangle and installed the recessed media panel and flat screen mount on the un primered wall. rolleyes.gif

quamosa 02-21-2014 03:51 PM

Tape is done, mud and sanding is almost done, then we're onto paint!

Standing in front of theater looking at the rear...

Standing on the riser (2nd row seating) looking at the front of the theater... screen wall will go 1 foot in front of that wall with the wood...

AV Rack from behind bar #2 which is behind the riser...

Bathroom shower looks much better covered in mud... tongue.gif

Standing in main basement media room looking at the front theater entrance.. future double door..
That soffit on the ceiling was the first soffit I ever made... it spans the entire length of the house.. boy was it wavy and so were my nerves... but it looks pretty straight now... all that time adjusting and shaving wood paid off *whew*

Soon I'll be able to focus on the theater which is what this is all about. Until then I will inundate with random pics of progress...

Swervepf 02-21-2014 07:27 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Looking great! Keep up the good work!

JMEANS 02-23-2014 05:52 AM

Subscribed! looking awesome! What are the dimensions of the theatre space? Didn't see any specifics...Thx

zuluwalker 02-23-2014 03:09 PM

9 Attachment(s)
I am simply thrilled to see your build. It reminds me of the fun of my own process. Congrats on the work so far. You have strong passion. Everything looks really good.

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