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ragged 11-16-2019 10:34 AM

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Well, the upgraditis bug has bitten me. I've been thoroughly enjoying the theater over the years, but time to go 4k. I bought the Sony 295es, which is a great upgrade to the Panny AE8000U. Comparing the 2, the Panny still throws a great 1080p picture, but 4k and the associated perks make a big difference.

Of course, after testing the new PJ out, come to find out the SC-67 receiver doesn't truly pass 4k test, so of course, gotta upgrade that too. Picture is great with the pj upscaling, so can't wait to see a proper 4k picture. New HDMI cables as well.

While I'm at it I'm adding 4 atmos ceiling speakers. I tell you, it's never that simple, but is it fun.

I bought the Marantz sr6014 for 7.2.4, so any advice would be appreciated on set up. For the original build I went with osb and a layer of drywall will isolation clips and green glue, so it'll be interesting to cut through that.

I've added a few things to the theater over the years, a back wall shelf and posters, which really round out the look. I've been really happy with everything to date expect the seats, which were bonded leather due to budget. The headrest on the most used seat has debonded over the 6 years of use, but as with all thing the seats were a compromise due to budget. Theater pics attached.

Original build link here.


ragged 11-16-2019 05:41 PM

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Well got the holes cut. Spent some time deciding how to do the layout with 2 rows. Finally went with setting it up just for the main listening position, but of course theres a light exactly where the rear heights should go. Had to move to the next joist over.

I bought an adjustable hole saw as to cut the holes for the monoprice ceiling speakers. It came with a plastic shroud to contain the dust. Went to cut the first hole and the shroud slipped down and dust literally went everywhere, like a dust cloud.

After a few choice words, I put out 3 shop vacs which cleared up the dust pretty quickly.

Also had to redo the first hole as I was off by a couple inches and ended up under a joist. I was hoping there would have been enough room under the clips, but no luck. Also had to snip back one of the metal tracks to let the speakers fit.

Trust me, if there is anyone reading this that's building a theater now and is on the fence about atmos, just go ahead a put the speakers in now. You'll regret having to do it later as I am.

ragged 12-02-2019 04:58 PM

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Well atmos upgrade all done and I must say it is definitely worth it. Been playing a few atmos discs and I am blown away.

Couldn't get the flat black touch up paint to match, so will have to repaint the ceiling, but that's for another time.

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