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Which is actually worth investing into? 3D vs Streaming vs Blu Ray vs 4k?

I just got a 3d Projector (HT1070) last week, and the family and I are really enjoying that on a 92" screen. I was at walmart looking at Blu ray players to use instead of my PS3 (it's older and I was hoping to get a region free player), and found the BDP-S6700 for $90. I happened to look on walmarts site, and found it refurbished for $40. I went ahead and ordered it since it had great reviews for picture quality in streaming and blu-ray, but I am new to all this. I was debating getting a second one, however, I didn't know if it would be better to move into 4k players instead for my living room tv if I am going to buy another device. I have a 55" 4k tv, but honestly, I don't know if I want to pick up two new hobbies (4k and 3D). I already have just over 400 movies on Vudu(mostly HDx), and now I'm starting a 3D collection. I'm up to around 20 blu ray movies in 3D.

I've only tried a few 4k movies with my tv on Vudu, and I wasn't impressed. It didn't look any better than HDX to me. I guess the TV already upscales HDX to 4k, and with it only being 55", streaming(compressed), and 10 ft away I can't really tell any difference. I can tell some difference with 4k Youtube videos, especially nature scenes, but not actual movies. I do not have a 4k player or any 4k blu rays. I just own a couple 4k digital movies on Vudu.

With all that being said, what would be the wisest thing to continue collecting?
I'm trying to figure out which direction to go in. For 2D, is it worth starting a new collection of Blu Rays if I already own an HD digital copy for a 92" screen? I still want the Digital copy since I share my movie accounts with family. Also, is it worth getting into 4k Blu Rays? All these copies of the same movie seems silly, and it seems to me the only real benefit to buying another copy is if I'm going with 3D, however, I want to enjoy all this effort I've put into creating a theater in my office. That Sony player is supposed to clean up streaming to look closer to bluray quality, so is it needed to buy a real blu ray still?

Sorry for the all the questions. I wasn't sure which area of the Forums this should go.
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The only person that can answer those questions is you. Everyone is different. Personally, I prefer a 3D version of anything and will never prefer to see it in 1080p 2D or 2180p HDR. But, I do highly prefer a 2160p HDR vs a 1080p 2D SDR upscaled although they don't look bad, just not as good. The difference is dramatic to me and well worth the double/triple dip just as DVD's to 1080p Blu-rays used to be. The same might not hold true for you or others depending on budget, equipment, etc. Comparisons using less than desirable sources will also affect decisions. If I was you, I'd beg, borrow, or steal a friends or perhaps a rentals HDR player and any HDR disc, preferably, something you like. Maybe Planet Earth II if possible, and get a good look at 4k or at least as well as your equipment can render it. Then you can make a more accurate decision if using what you have is dramatic enough and opens the doors for additions or if it's really not enough to justify and enjoy what you've been doing. I can tell you an upscaled 1080p 3D looks very similar to it's upscaled 2D counterpart and you can always play the 3D in 2D if you wanted so you didn't have to double dip a 2D/3D title.
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Just my 2 cents, but I'd probably be inclined to buy bluray for collecting. I make films and edit 3D, 2D-4K, & 2D-8K content on calibrated high res monitors- highest is 4K. For personal entertainment, I watch it on a 132" projector screen. The projector is 1080, not 4K. I have a lot of 3D movies and they look great. My sitting distance is about 17' from the screen. As far as I'm concerned, standard 1080 bluray looks great. My enjoyment level really wouldn't be significantly higher if I was watching 4K- again, just my opinion. As for HDR, if you think it really adds a lot to your viewing experience, then definitely go for it. It doesn't do much for me. The demos they do for it in Bestbuy, and other stores are a joke. They compare a very flat- log like- image to a bright highly saturated one and tell you that it is HDR that accomplishes this miracle. Fact is, the effect of the HDR demo could be pretty much matched by any halfway proficient color editor using the rec 709 color space. Also, a lot of well mastered standard DVDs are still quite satisfying to watch.
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My own personal experience and suggestion though your personal taste and decission at the end...
Im also new to this home theater experience. May be 4 months old now. Have 3D HD PJ, 120" Screen, Good 3D bluray player.
Have watched several 3D BluRay (1080p) movies so far and trust me, im now so much addicted to 3D movies that i have stopped watching 2D now. Again, important to have right gears for 3D. Awesome experience.
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Originally Posted by zoenphlux View Post
With all that being said, what would be the wisest thing to continue collecting?
A good range of 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Rays are actually from 2K+ (FHD) masters that have been upscaled and expanded to HDR so in some cases the improvement over FHD is not massively significant. If it's older 35mm+ film footage it usually should be 4K if it's been scanned in properly, however then you have to watch keeping in mind the technology used at the time to record the film can impact the quality of the 4K output. Check https://4kmedia.org/real-or-fake-4k/ as a potential reference (there used to be RealOrFake4K but that's gone offline). Digital copy wise the Apple TV 4K seems preferable since they will release the movie in 4K and optionally Dolby Vision/Atmos automatically if there is an Ultra-HD release, otherwise best to move to a service that provides 4K streaming like Netflix if you aren't into collecting. The one thing Ultra-HD has usually over 3D/2D Blu-Ray is Dolby Atmos audio, so if you wanted that it's usually locked to 4K only.

If you like 3D then definitely it is worth collecting as the 3D Blu-Ray disc is generally the only way to get maximum quality - I don't think streaming services will continue to support 3D streaming in the long term unless it's in Side-by-Side (SBS) format which would halve your horizontal resolution over a proper disc in addition to having significantly less bitrate. In effect 3D (and 3D Blu-Ray) is winding down (less releases in theatres and then less releases of discs) so from this point on there will be less and less releases to collect, so whatever you get now most likely won't be available in the future except second hand (and you'd probably need to bid vs other 3D enthusiasts at the time). I'd use CinemaBlend 3D to evaluate the reviewed 3D quality of a film before buying it, the vast majority are post-converted 3D (with the occasional true 3D movie), you can also check RealorFake3D as well.

So pretty much in summary:

4K - Collect only if you wanted it since streaming services will most likely either have it or pick it up in the future. Just need to check it fits your criteria of course.
3D - Collect it if you wanted to enjoy personally or share the experience with others in the future. You won't likely be able to do this again easily.
FHD - Collect it if you wanted it and you know it's not likely to get a proper 4K release in the future (or not a factor).

Out of these I'm pretty sure we're going to see re-releases of 4K/FHD discs over time so there's no super compelling reason to immediately buy them to collect unless they were in some kind of special/limited edition. If you can get by with streaming that's probably a better choice overall, particularly if it's just for yourself.
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I'm getting away from collecting these days because I never watch all those videos much after the first time. Just too much new stuff to see as I have Netflix premium, Amazon, Hulu and You Tube. I rent the 3D movies and if I think the Grandkids will like the movie I then will buy a copy.

I will say that if your top display projector is only 1080P then you really would believe you have the best it can get. I'd never return to my older 1080P projectors and I have several sitting in storage. A high quality 4K 3D projector does make a huge difference. Especially with the Sony upscaling of 1080 3D Blu Ray to 4K. No Ghosting on any content and color purity much better than the lower cost projectors. But these projectors do cost much more than the regular 4K projectors. The UHD 4K disks in 2D HDR are better 4K than what you get on Netflix because The streaming 4K content, while really much better than streaming 1080P doesn't have the bitrate of the disks. Then there is the audio with Dolby Atmos and other 7.1 sound quality. The one thing that the projector lacks over the panels is 4K HDR. While it has HDR capability, the range of brightness can't compete with OLED HDR Panel in 4K. So the benefit of HDR in a bulb projector is still questionable.

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