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edednedy 02-21-2013 01:52 AM

I've had an Acer H5360 and an HTPC for a couple of years and recently decided to take a shot a 3-D. I've had nothing but trouble using software page flipping in any of the popular 3D media players using DLP-Link glasses. All kinds of stutter and eye swapping using several different computers.

I've read that the 6000 series Radeon cards have OpenGL. Every thing I've read about the Radeon card mentions that it can play AMD HD3D through HDMI 1.4 but my Acer projector is only HDMI 1.3. So I'm guessing that the AMD HD3D setting won't work, or will it? Since the Opengl is supposedly activated on this Radeon series would I be able to use the OpenGL hardware setting in Stereoscopic Player, S-view or Tridef? They have a setting for HD3D and an OpenGL hardware mode.

I am going to rebuild my HTPC with some newer hardware. I'd prefer not to buy an Nvidia card, if I also have to buy their emitter just to turn on the opengl. So if I get a Radeon card will I be able to use the hardware Opengl setting with any of the afforementioned 3D media players? Or would the HD3D option work with a HDMI 1.3 connection? I just need to know before I end up buying the wrong thing.

By the way my only desire is viewing half -SBS video files on my projector through the computer. No games or Blu-Ray discs.


eazye84 02-21-2013 09:28 AM

amd hd3d is not sbs.

purchase tridef
and stereoscopic player

works with my amd setup

edednedy 02-21-2013 10:00 AM

Eazye84 - What viewing method did you select in Stereoscopic Player? The only one that works for me is Software Pageflipping with Glasses Control set to DLP Ready Encoding. The 3D works but it results in that awful jitter. My HTPC plays other 1080p files just fine but I thought it might be an underpowered CPU. I tried 3 other faster computers with faster video cards and they all did the same thing in Software Pageflipping mode. The jitter is clearly visible with or without glasses. Thanks

edednedy 02-22-2013 11:36 AM

Is there anybody that has gotten software pageflipping on stereoscopic player working with 1080p half side by side (HSBS) files? It almost works. The 3D is there but it just has this annoying shifting back and forth at random times. I've tried multiple cpu's and video cards. Some are better than others but they all do it to some extent.

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