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mtp78 03-27-2011 03:33 PM

Thought I let everyone know the results of my calibration today with Chad B.

I have a Definitve Tech SSA-50, Prosub 1000, Pioneer VSX-32,Pioneer 151.

I was told not much can be done with a sounbar calibration, This was proven wrong today by Chad B.

Meeting Chad was a pleasure, He is very professional and polite. I was very impressed with his audio experience and knowledge . He explained everything to me. He took the time to talk to me before he started to find out what I like in sound quality and what type of material I listen too.

He spent over 3 hours reading,testing and tweaking my audio setup.

All I can say is I am totally impressed. The sound space is tighter,clearly and fuller after he was done. I know he was limited with a soundbar but he made a huge improvement.

Look him up if your looking for a audio or video calibration....

drfreeman60 03-30-2011 11:19 AM

Impressive system and I always had the impression that Chad was top notch just from his reviews of equipment.

You are lucky that you actually have a true 5-ch soundbar for Chad to start with. Makes calibration a reasonable option as compared with all of the simulated surround units. (like the one I now own or the others that have filtered through my hands)

I'm not sure whether I will be replacing my current plasma TV this year or next, but Cleveland plasma with a calibration by Chad prior to shipping is very high on my list of retailers.

HDTV Sparky 04-02-2011 06:39 PM

Calibration of a sound bar....Really !.......Really ....

drfreeman60 04-03-2011 09:25 AM

Calibration does not make sense for most consumer grade soundbars, but in the case of the DefTech, it would certainly be a worthwhile addition. The DT's are some of only a few true 5-ch soundbars on the market.

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